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The Art of Staying Sane in a World in Upheaval

Improving Our Indoor Environment: The Power of Plants

Pediatrician Addresses Prevention and Wellness During COVID-19

7 Ways to Help Your Child Sleep Better

A Child's First Dental Visit to Holistic Family Dentistry

Authentic Healing- What it Means for Our Brain and Others

Rachel Cohen, D.O., Holistic Pediatrician, Joins National Integrated Health Associates

Limiting the Power of Sugar and Carbohydrate Addiction

Surviving the Holidays Unscathed! Maintaining Inner Peace by Letting Go of Expectations

Detoxing from the Salon

Essential Oils Class – How to Prepare for a Healthy, Stress-Free Season with Essential Oils

POTS Syndrome, an Invisible Disease

Genes and Environmental Risks Are the Real Cause of Disease

Winter is Coming! Prepare for a Healthy Season with Essential Oils

Meditation, Calming the Brain for Optimal Health

How to Avoid Dental Trauma

The Reign of Pain is Mainly in the Brain

5G Wireless and Your Health, an Event at NIHA in Washington, D.C.

Breast Thermography for Breast HEALTH Awareness

The Easiest Thing You Can Do for Your Health

How the Body Speaks its Mind: Are You Listening?

Holistic Dentist Stephen Jaeger, D.M.D., Joins NIHA in Washington, D.C.

How a Healthy Mouth Promotes a Healthy Body

Other Factors to Consider in the Treatment of High Blood Pressure

Genetic Tests: Find Out How YOUR Genes Respond to Drugs and Medication

Rerouting the Brain- The Power of Changing Your Mind

Vitamin D for Disease Prevention and Optimal Health

BPH: Is It Keeping You Up at Night? Try These Natural Treatments

Why Holistic Primary Care?

Brain Health: The Dirty Dozen for the Brain

Resilience- The Art of Calming the Emotional Brain and Overcoming Trauma & Illness

Functional Medicine and Genetic Testing for Health

Menopause and Perimenopause:  An Integrative and Preventive Medicine Approach

NIHA Dermatologist Kent Handfield MD, MPH, Receives Certification in Functional Medicine

Peptide Therapy for Cellular Repair and Regeneration

Prediabetes, Protein Metabolism, and Healthy Aging Are Connected

The Age of Genetics

Mindfulness-Based Treatments for Cancer and Other Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness and the Hidden Costs of Childhood Stress

Announcing Dermatology Services at National Integrated Health Associates in Washington, D.C.

Causes of Itchy Skin

Why Is it So Hard to Lose Weight?

Healing Beyond the Body- The Mind-Body Connection

The "Perfect Diet" for Everyone

Stroke in Young Adults: Symptoms and Prevention

Melatonin and Cancer

Lyme Disease, Epstein Barr Virus and the Immune System

4 Lab Tests to Assess Your TRUE Cardiovascular Risk

Rethinking Chronic Disease

How Chronic Inflammation Affects the Body

Intermittent Fasting...It's Not a Diet, It's a Lifestyle

6 Reasons Why Americans Should Consider Medical Tourism

6 Habits for a Healthy Microbiota

Dr. Randy Gastwirt, Naturopathic Physician, Joins National Integrated Health Associates

Natural Remedies for Colds and Viruses

Top Detoxification Therapies for Cleansing and Rejuvenation

Chlorella, a Natural Superfood with Amazing Benefits

Are You Sensitive to Electrosmog? Ways to Minimize Exposure to EMF

How to Heal Your Power of Now

Genetic Testing- A New Way to Influence How Kids Turn Out?

What Patients Say About LDA, Low Dose Allergy Immunotherapy for Seasonal Allergy Treatment

The Benefits of Oncology Massage

Natural Options for Heart Health

Vitamin D Helps with Seasonal Changes and Immunity

It's official! Food IS NOT food

Special Event: The Role of Aluminum in Chronic Diseases such as Autism and Alzheimer's

Healing is Being an Interpreter of the Body's Messages

Appetite Control Without Medications

You Just Received a Cancer Diagnosis- What’s Next?

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome: A Misdiagnosed and Under-diagnosed Disease

Functional Medicine Testing for Food Sensitivities

Analysis of a Natural Killer Cell As a Modifiable Factor for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Gearing Up for School Days with a Natural Option

See Your Dentist. It's Good for Your Heart!

The Art of Hormone Balancing

What To Do in a Dental Emergency

National Integrated Health Associates Welcomes Sherif Hassan, MD, Functional and Precision Medicine Physician

Triggers for a Mold Allergy

Natural Remedies for Food Poisoning

Symptoms of PANDAS or PANS in Children

What You Should Know About Periodontal (Gum) Disease

The Importance of Detoxification in Chronic Illness

What's In Your Sunblock? Tips for Healthy Sun Protection

Under Pressure: How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Promote Healing

Emotional Healing and Cancer

Emergency Dental Care from Holistic Dentists in Washington, D.C.

A Different Look at Lyme Disease

Factors to Consider in Autism Treatment

Healthy Home: Is it Really Mold? 

 Is YOUR Dentist Checking for Oral Cancer?

Hidden Risk Factors that May Contribute to Osteoporosis

Safe Removal of Mercury Amalgam Fillings 

Allergy Treatment Options Are Not One Size Fits All

Colon Cancer Screening

8 Steps to Keep Your Colon Healthy

How Does Acupuncture Work?

The Dangers of Heavy Metals in Food

Holistic Dentistry and Heart Disease

What to Consider Before Taking New Prescriptions

How Does HCG Work for Weight Loss?

The Epigenetic Language of Food

Feeling Heavy After the Holidays? How Colon Hydrotherapy Can Help

Mindfulness, Meditation and Cancer

Chronic Fatigue and Mitochondria Function

18 Pumpkin Recipes for Fall's Superfood

IV Therapy Can Help With Energy and Immunity

Dairy Free and Grain Free Pumpkin Pie Recipe

National Integrated Health Associates to Participate in Achieving Optimal Health Conference in Washington, D.C.

The Truth About Addiction: Drug and Alcohol Addiction is NOT Caused by Drugs and Alcohol

Functional Medicine Treatments to Diagnose, Prevent and Reverse Osteoporosis Naturally

Forget What You’ve Been Told About Salt

How to Find Out About Your Genetic Risks

Depression and the Joy of Life: a Functional Medicine Approach

Opioid and Painkiller Abuse: Replace What is Needed in the Brain

NIHA Welcomes Margarita Kullick, MD, Functional Medicine and Anti-Aging Physician

Webinar: Upgrade Your Health with Integrative Spa Therapies

Medically Supervised HCG Weight Loss Program

Upgrade Your Health with Integrative Home Strategies

Creating a Healthy Microbiome in the Gut

Simple Steps to Detoxify for Spring

Are You Eating the Right Type of Protein?

An Integrative Approach to Autism

Tick Tock...Lyme Disease Season Is Starting Early This Year

A New Health Statistic To Worry About

5 Genetic Tests You Should Get Now

Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

Mild Winter Leads to Both Early Tick and Allergy Season

Which Room in Your Home Has the Biggest Cancer-Fighting Potential?

NIHA Dentists are Pioneers in Mercury Free Dentistry

My Wake Up Call

Blessing the New Year

Unresolved Chronic Pain or Health Issues: What Are You Missing?

An Integrative Concept and Approach to Cancer

Top Integrative Health Blogs of 2016

Sugar: Hidden Ingredient and Healthy Alternatives

The Power of Story: What Story Are You Telling?

What Supplements Should I Take While Traveling?

What to Look For in a Wellness Coach

Ceramic Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth are Critical for Aesthetics and Health

Gift Certificates for the Gift of Health

Presence and The Art of Making Contact with Others

Serving Up Gratitude This Thanksgiving

What is a Wellness Coach?

Same Day Dental Crowns are an Excellent Option

Preventing the Winter Blues: An Integrative Approach to Mental Wellbeing

Harnessing The Emotional Brain: How to Master Your Emotions

Dessert Recipe- Chocolate Bark and Superfoods

Symptoms of a Leaky Gut

Understanding the Human Microbiome: Mini Ecosystems in the Body

Lymphatic Brushing for Breast Health

Why You've Got to Try DIY

Ask the Wellness Coach: How Do I Reduce the Stress in My Life?

Health Benefits of Green Juicing

Ask the Wellness Coach: How Do I Live a More Balanced Life?

Yoga and Essential Oils

Fall Allergy Treatment for Ragweed and Mold

The Language of the Body as a Path to Healing

6 Ways to Get a Better Night's Sleep

Ask the Wellness Coach: How Do I Know if I Need to Detoxify?

Ask the Wellness Coach: Am I Taking Too Many Supplements?

Why Chamomile and Echinacea May Not Be Good for You

Holistic Pediatrics: Take Home Points from the Vaccine Event

NIHA Welcomes Lorelle Bradley, M.D., F.A.A.P., Holistic Pediatrician

Integrative Cancer Care at National Integrated Health Associates

East African Wisdom: On Healing

Let's Talk About Vaccines: An Evening of Discussion on August 25, 2016

Stress, Trauma, and Epigenetic Markers of Your Well-Being

Cultured Vegetables: The Secret to a Healthy Gut

Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workshop in Washington, D.C.

How To Reduce Stress

Health Essentials Coaching: Why Is a Healthy Gut Important?

Enhance your Quality of Life with Essential Oils

New Hope for Dementia

New 2016 Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen Fruit and Veg List: The #1 Dirty Fruit Has Changed

The Tooth-Sinus Connection

Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines

Problems With Dry Mouth?

A Nation With Constipation?

Inflammation and Cancer Prevention

How the Environment Can Impact Your Health: What’s in Your Water?

7 Tips for a Happy Marriage or Partnership

Snowzilla Hits the D.C. Area, Thousands of Low Back Casualties Not Reported

What Doctors Can't Control

Holistic Dentistry Interview from Holistic Oral Health Summit

Why We Use the Microscope in Holistic Dentistry

How to Obliterate the Effects of the Top Holiday Indulgences

Stop the Flu Dead In Its Tracks

Holistic Nutrition: Holiday Brittle Recipe

The Integrative Cancer Program at NIHA

Why Do We Really Love the Holidays?

Give the GIft of Integrative Health Care This Year!

Health Tips for the Fall Season from Chinese Medicine

Help for Fatigue: Adrenal Support Cocktail

What Do The Bearded Lady and Bruce Willis Have in Common?

Got Mold? Help for Mold Allergies

The Best Vitamin for Breast Health

5 Steps to Better Sleep

NIHA Biological Dentists to Participate in Holistic Oral Health Summit

12 Must See Life Changing Stories from The Raw Food Institute

What is Subtle Energy and How Does it Affect My Body?

Raw Food Weekend Cleansing Retreat in Washington, D.C., Sept. 25-27, 2015

Missing Teeth? The Negative Effects on Your Brain

Easy Ways to Detox Your Body and Your Home

Massage: Help for Cellulite, the Ordinary Girl’s Arch-nemesis

Superfoods: Goji Berry Milk Tea

Superfood Hacks: How to Get the Most Out of Your Superfoods

Superfoods: How to Make Chia Seed Gel

Turmeric, an Anti-Inflammatory Supplement

Healthy Living: How Much Water Should You Drink?

New Produce Rating System at Whole Foods Market

Holistic Nutrition Recipe for Divine Raw Brownies

Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Are Calories Important?

My Big Fat Experiment: Fat Makes You Fat, Right?

How Whole Food Can Help Us Heal

5 Quick Ways to Slim and Detoxify Your Body Now

3 Ways to Improve Your Child's Gut Health and Immune System

A Holistic Approach to Autism

8 Myths About Sleep Apnea

My Breakfast Experiment

Could I Be Sensitive to Gluten?

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Balancing Hormones Using Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Fluoride: 70 Years of Health Misinformation?

What is Your Baby Sleeping On?

Seasonal Allergies: The Year Round Epidemic

Golden Turmeric Milk

25% of Teenagers are Doing What?!

Go Back to the Basics

Try Orthopedic Massage to "Address the Pain You Can't Explain"

Sugar, Carbs and the New Dietary Guidelines

Understanding TMJ to Optimize Treatment

Why I love juicing and why it is important to me...and possibly to you?

Are You D-ficient?

5 Reasons to Choose an Integrative Doctor for Primary Care

3 Ways to Cut Your Cancer Risk

Magnesium, The Miracle Mineral

How Holistic Dentistry Supports Your Immune System

Can Half of Breast Cancers Be Prevented?

Cut the Carbs and Lose the Weight

What is Reiki?

Holiday Mindfulness and Centering...Don't Forget to Breathe

Three Reasons to Avoid Excessive Media Exposure for Children

Can Acupuncture Help Me Lose Weight?

Holistic Pediatrics: How to Protect Your Child From Heart Disease

3 Steps to Detoxify Your Body and Lower Your Toxin Load

Conventional and Natural Treatment of Head Colds

Is It a Big Deal That My Child is Overweight?

Can Diet Affect ADHD?

Diabetes Awareness: The Truth About Carbohydrates

5 Reasons to Choose a Holistic Pediatrician

Breast Cancer Prevention Begins in Childhood?

Good Sleep is Essential to Brain Health

Winterize Your Medicine Cabinet with These Natural Remedies

Worried About Enterovirus D68? Here’s What You Can Do

Are Allergies No More Than Toxicity?

Seven Ways that Exercise Maintains a Healthy Brain

4 Great Nutritional Brain Health Boosters for Children

Help for Depression with a Functional Medicine Approach

10 Reasons Why Breast Milk is Nature's Original Superfood

Have You Heard the News Today?

One Raw Food Weekend May Change Your Life

Hey, D.C... The Raw Food Weekend Bootcamp is Back!

5 Quick Breakfast Ideas for Back to School

Depression: It's Probably Not What You Think It Is.

Carbs, Belly Fat and Processed Foods: A Link to Diabetes?

Holistic Dentistry: 5 Tips to Avoid Acid Erosion of Your Teeth

Is Low Carb for Everyone?

Methylation Webinar: The Road to Wellness Requires Understanding Methylation

Holistic Nutrition: Avacado Cacao Pudding Recipe

Why Choose a Biological Dentist?

The Challenge of Lyme Disease and the Co-Infections

Holistic Nutrition: The Thing About Fruit Is...

A New Dental Weapon to Help Prevent Cavities

What is Colonic Therapy?

5 Toxic Food Choices and Simple Ways to Trade Up

Methylation 102: A Deeper Look at the MTHFR Gene

Gluten-free Mashed Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Fluoride: Emerging Research may Conflict with Traditional Dentistry

My First Colon Hydrotherapy Session

The Magnesium and Diabetes Connection

Understanding pH and Why Alkalinity is Important to Health

Methylation 101: What it Means for Your Health

Pediatric Tip: 4 Ways to Stay Healthy When the Seasons Change

Oral Immunotherapy for Allergies: an Integrative, Painless Approach

Oral Cancer is Not Just a Problem for Smokers

How Infrared Sauna Works for Detoxification

My Top Holistic Nutrition Tip: Find a Local CSA

Vitamin D: The Multi-tasking Hero

Holistic Nutrition Recipe: Crispy Brussels Sprout Chips

Asthma: A Holistic Approach

Drinking with Purpose: 12 Ways to Maximize Your Water

Could Unresolved Conflict from Our Ancestors Be Making Us Sick?

"Let food be thy medicine" ~ Hippocrates

What to Know About EMF's and How they May Affect Your Health

Ask these 8 Questions Before You Vaccinate

Heal Your Heart, and Your Body Will Follow

Help for the Lymphatic System...and Younger Looking Skin

Teresa Fuller M.D., Ph.D., Holistic Pediatrician, Joins National Integrated Health Associates

Holistic Dentistry's Top 5 Tips for Kid's Dental Health

Prediabetes is a Slippery Slope

What You Need to Know About a Root Canal and Your Health

Herbal Teas for Respiratory Health

Eating the Good Bugs for a Healthy Gut

Herbal Techniques for Promoting Dental Health

The Cheapest Cure for Anxiety

How to Live Clean in 2014

My Favorite Holiday Pomegranate Salad

Do the Holidays Make You Sick?

Holistic Nutrition: Gluten Free Christmas Cookies

Holistic Dentistry: Campaign to Stop Use of Mercury Dental Amalgams

Sleep Issue and Fatigue Solved with a Dental Sleep Appliance

Trains, Planes, Subways and Germs: Immunity Travel Tips

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Why I Love Being a Colon Hydrotherapist

Tapping Therapy, Profound Healing At The Tip of Your Fingers

Can We Eat Certain Foods to Prevent Cancer? The Science is Here

The Advantages of Neurofeedback Therapy

Should You Be Concerned About BPA in Plastics?

Coconut Oil, a "Good" Fat

Holistic Nutrition: Raw Chewy Trail Mix Recipe (Gluten-free, Vegan)

Should You Get the Flu Vaccine?

How Dentistry Affects Your Overall Health

Starting Gymnastics...on My 44th Birthday! 3 Tips to Keep YOU Strong

Natural Remedies for Common Ailments

You Need This for a Healthy Mouth

GMO's and Your Right to Know

Hurry- We've Got a Second Chance to Label GMO's

What Can Digestive Enzymes Do for You?

Integrative Health: What Keeps You From Being Healthy?

Ginger: Potent, Pungent and Powerful

Therapeutic Massage Goes Deeper

Raw Food Weekend Class In Washington DC at NIHA, Oct. 25-27, 2013

Let's Prevent Diabetes Now!

Let's Reverse the Cancer Epidemic. Join the Cure to Cancer online Summit

Diabetes and Prevention Seminar Oct. 5, 2013: Control Your Blood Sugar

Symptoms of Constipation

Why I Can Give 10 Massages a Day

The Truth About Constipation

Lyme Disease is a Growing Health Problem

Lisa Wilson CHC to Speak at The Cure to Cancer Summit

Holistic Nutrition: Summer Fruits Dessert Recipe

What Stress Can Do

Anxiety Free Dentistry Without Drugs or Without Going to Sleep

A Friendly Reminder: Close the Lid Before You Flush

Colon Hydrotherapy May Help with Many Illnesses

Chinese Medicine and Weight Loss

Finally...Help for Blood Sugar and Carbs with Transglucosidase

What I Wish (Conventional) Doctors Would Say...

Dr. Solomon Retiring After a Remarkable Career in Allergy and Environmental Medicine

How's Your pH? Is Your Body Acidic or Alkaline ?

Healthy Water, the Essence of Life

Fluoride - What's the Big Deal?

Easy 4th of July Picnic Dessert

Small Numbers with a Big Meaning

Glutathione, the Great Antioxidant and Great Detoxifier

Where Does Pain Come From?

Headaches and Sleep Apnea

Holistic Nutrition: When Fruit is Not a Healthy Choice

Antioxidants, Our Built-in Firefighters

Can You Change Your Life in One Week? I Did... at The Raw Food Institute

How to Detect Hidden Food Sensitivities

Sleep Loss and Your Genes

7 Ways to Improve Your Dental Care

Beyond the Yeast Connection, a Program for Candida

Dr. Warren Levin to be Interviewed about "Beyond the Yeast Connection"

Yeast, or Candida, Can Really Mess with Lyme Disease

Why Choose Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Replace Those Missing Teeth with Ceramic Dental Implants

Still not feeling better? Try Autonomic Response Testing, or ART

How Acupuncture Helps With Pain

Holistic Nutrition: Do YOU Know What GMO Food Means?

What Your Dentist May See: Symptoms of Mouth or Throat Cancer

I Hit the Holistic Nutrition Jackpot!

Root Canals and Your Overall Health

Can Your Bad Bite Really Affect Your Whole Body?

Derailing 3 Food Myths

How Does the Oral Cavity Affect the Entire Body?

Why Are My Teeth So Sensitive?

Combat-Ready Balm and Skincando Now Carried in World Wellness Store

6 Reasons Why Biological Dentistry is Important to Your Health

What All Lyme Disease Patients Should Know

Help for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with a Non-Surgical Approach

Do You Have Problems with Dairy? It's Not the Cow's Fault

Naturally Beautiful Skin with Skincando Products

Colon Hydrotherapy: The Secret of the Rich and Famous?

Cultured Vegetables: an Old Fashioned Secret for a Healthy Gut

Chinese Medicine and the Spring Tune Up

Love Sugar? Learn What is Does to Your Body

How Young Do You Want to Look?

Most People with Pre-Diabetes Don't Know They Have It

Do You Suffer from Estrogen Dominance? Take the Questionnaire

The Deconstructing Diabetes Program Results Are In!

8 Natural Ways to Detox Your Body

Natural Dental Products for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Learn the Secrets of Those Who Don't Get Sick

How Many Times A Day Do You Eat This Food?

Why Diets are Fattening (And What To Do To Really Lose Weight)

How to Create The Ultimate Salad

Family Systems Constellation, a Therapy Workshop at NIHA

A Key Test for Periodontal Disease

Metabolic Syndrome Criteria...Is this You?

What to Expect When You Detox

Help for Foot and Heel Pain, Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Why You Really Have to Learn to Say "NO"

Hurry! Raw Food Weekend Immersion Retreat in D.C.

Good Health Habits Start Early in Life

Finally... Affordable Guidance For Overcoming Candida Infections

9 Ways to Manage Stress

How Does Internalized Trauma De-Rail Our Best Efforts to Heal?

Is There a Good Sugar?

The Raw Food Institute: Biggest Announcement Ever!

What You Can Do Now for a Healthier Future

3 Tips to Stay Warm Through the Winter- on RAW FOOD!

What Does the Lymphatic System Do?

Are Bad Breath and Bleeding Gums Related to Heart Disease?

What is Breast Thermography?

The Dark Side of the Organic Food Industry: Is 'Organic' the Best Available?

What's the Buzz About Probiotics?

Simple Raw Food! Nut Wraps in Minutes

Colon Hydrotherapy Now Available on Saturdays in the Washington D.C. Area

Warning Signs of Pre-Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Do You Have High Blood Pressure, High Triglycerides, or High Cholesterol?

Acupuncture and Classical Chinese Medicine Can Help with Pain

NIHA Welcomes Robert Johnson, D.M.D, Biological Dentist

Periodontal or Gum Disease, a Chronic Disease of Mankind!

2 Over the Top Speakers This Month!

Its not how deep you can go in a massage, its how you get there

Profound Healing Is At The Tip of Your Fingers!

Do You Have Belly Fat?

The Food We Feed Our Children Will Affect the Outcome of Their Lives

What Secrets Are Held Within Your Body That Are Your Keys To Healing?

Does Proper Ergonomics Really Help Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The Power of a Peach

Finally! Better Choices in Personal Care Products

Studies Show the Many Benefits of Cinnamon

14 Foods that Help Cleanse the Liver

Super Salad! Take Your Salad Over the Top with Super Foods

What Should You Do About Wrist Pain, Hand Pain, Tingling Fingers and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

What's In your Mouth that Affects your Health?

What is Classical Chinese Medicine?

Is Healing Cancer Easier than Curing the Common Cold?

Boldy Go and Sit at Your Desk Pain Free

Have You Tried Everything to Get Rid of Carpal Tunnel?

Make It or Buy It, But Eat It and Be Well

NIHA'S Integrative Medicine Health Tip: Exhale!

Chinese Medicine For Women’s Health and Fertility

Building Muscles with Vegetables! Some Say it Can't be Done!

And the Winner is...The Raw Food Institute Scholarship Winners

Sweetened or Unsweetened? Do You Want Diabetes With That?

Rebounding for Detoxification

No Calorie Restrictions, REALLY??

Lyme Disease Warning: Tick Infested Area!

Integrative Medicine Approach to Allergies for Rapid Relief

Change Your Life! Apply for a Raw Food Institute Scholarship

Lyme Disease May be Worse Than Ever This Year

Holistic Nutrition: Healthy Grilling 101

Tired of Pain?

Chinese Medicine and the "Spring Tune-Up"

Parasites, a Common Problem

Are You Suffering from Sugar Addiction?

What is Biological Dentistry?

Remedy for the Weekend Warrior

Is Your Brain Addicted to Sugar?

How Probiotics Work in the Gut

Massage and the Mind-Body Connection

31 Ways to Love Your Gut

I'm Flashing My Abs! No, Really...

Clueless and Curious About Chia Seeds?

Benefits and Contraindications of Colon Hydrotherapy

Concerned About Cancer? Don't Miss This Interview!

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

A Chiropractor Can Fix That Neck Pain

Spring Cleaning is Not Just for Houses!

Are You Concerned About Mercury Fillings in Your Mouth?

What Language Are You "Feeding" Yourself and your Children?

Estrogen Dominance Doesn't Mean What You Think

Your Son is Refusing to Eat the School Lunch!

Time Out... A Perfect 10!

Biofilm, Plaque and Your Dental Health

The Primary Cause of Constipation

Lisa Wilson- What Happened to Your Face?

What to Expect in a Colon Hydrotherapy Session

Cupping, An Ancient Cure That's Making a Comeback

Year of the Dragon, A Chinese New Years Greeting

Holistic Nutrition: Try a Food Swap

Loving your liver, a major detoxification organ

Got Constipation?

Hope for Sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis: Reversing the Risk Factors

Are You Making One of These 3 Health Mistakes?

Doctor, What Do I Take?

Try This New Year's Resolution

Natural pharmacy in a single fruit?

Add Beautiful Raw Foods to your Holiday Table

Would You Like to Add More Raw Foods to Your Diet in 2012?

Holistic Primary Care Approach to Digestive Health

Step Lightly In To the New Year!

What are Raw Foods?

Breakfast of Champions

Coy Roskosky, Doctor of Chiropractic in Washington D.C.

World Wellness Store Top Selling Nutritional Supplements

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles... How to Avoid Family Meltdowns

The Raw Food Institute Celebrates a One Year Anniversary

Re-empowering Parents Through Predictive Genomics

Have You Been Tested?

Good Day Sunshine

The Raw Food Institute Rock Star Profiles: Don C.

Allergy Symptoms? Get Help from a Mold Detective

Color My World (With Goodness)

Sneaky Symptoms of Allergies

Holistic Nutrition: Got Yeast? January 2012 Candida Cleanse Preparations Start Now

Ladies, Do You Know Your Breast Health Score?

Raw Food Fall Harvest - Free Classes Oct. 15 and Oct.16

Here's Your Salad Upgrade!

Low DHA Levels Linked to Increased Suicide Risk

How Good Dental Health Affects our General Health

What's on YOUR nightstand?

The Solution to the Health Care Crisis- Functional Medicine, Genomics and a New Standard of Care

Can Preventative and Wellness Care Fix Our Country’s Woes?

The Raw Food Kitchen - Equipment to Get You Started

A Change Would Do You Good

How a Detoxification Coach Can Guide You

Omega 3's, Essential Fatty Acids and Detoxification

Upgrade your condiments and take your health to a new level!

The Nurture Assumption and Genomics

Should you be seeing a chiropractor?

Holistic Nutrition: C'mon Now... Who You Foolin'?

Could your breakfast be making you fat and "crazy"?

When You Sit... You Rot!

The Power of Garlic, a Detoxification Super Food

Ancient Beauty Secret of the World's Rich and Famous Revealed

Raw Food Institute at NIHA offers free Dessert Class

Confused about Supplements? Try Supplements Customized for You

Raw Food Institute: Results! Results! Results!

Raw Food. Diabetes. HEALING.

Detoxification for Life: a Patient/Coaching Training Course

What is Functional Medicine?

Estrogen Dominance and PMS

Pashen Bars: Healthy Snack Food for at the NIHA Wellness Store

Could You be Suffering from Yeast Overgrowth?

The Ancient Art of Colon Cleansing, or Colon Hydrotherapy

What to Know Before You Take Calcium Supplements

Invisalign Open House: Straighten Your Teeth for a Healthier Mouth

Lyme Disease Prevention Tips

Holistic Nutrition: Are You "Exhausted" All the Time?

Holistic Nutrition: How to Break Free of Sugar Addiction

Help for Spring Allergies

Chlorella, the Detoxification Superfood

Holistic Nutrition: 100 Calories of toxic waste on your dinner plate?

Green Juice Therapy, The Solution to Pollution is Dilution

Mindful Eating

Raw Foodists and High Raw Food...What's the Difference?

Sign up for Product Promotions from the NIHA Wellness Store

Eating Sick Animals = Sick You

Why Vitamin D is So Important

Having Gastrointestinal Symptoms? Check for Parasites

My Raw Food Journey, Day 7, Graduation

My Raw Food Journey, Day 6, Gourmet Raw

Eat This, Not That!

My raw food journey, Day 5, Greens and Grains

My raw food journey, Day 4, Fasting and Caring

My raw food journey- Day 3, healthy habits

My raw food journey- Day 2, Full of Sprouts

Functional Medicine: A Distinctly Different Kind of Medicine

My Raw Food Journey - Day 1

My journey into raw foods- Preparation

3 Ways to Practice Mindfulness Every Day

Cancer Healed with Raw Food and Juices - 18 Years Cancer Free

Root Canal Teeth and Cavitations

NIHA'S Lisa Wilson is Interviewed on Starting a Raw Food Lifestyle

Is it Time for the Autism Community to Come Together?

Holistic Health Tips: How to Have Healthy Holidays

Raw Food : $110 Gourmet Dinner. I'm Buying.

Raw Food. How my friend lost almost 100 pounds and took back her life!

The Raw Food Institute comes to NIHA in Washington, D.C

Colonics Provide Relief

Could Cholesterol be too Low?

Something Unexpected and Spectacular Happened on my Raw Food Tour!

Biological Dentistry Considers the Whole Person

Flu and Virus Prevention: How to Stay Healthy When Others Get Sick

Raw Food Talk at NIHA

Raw Foods and Superfoods, Not Shoes

Holistic Nutrition: Weight Loss “Dreams” Come True!

Integrative Physical Health: Your body and you

NIHA Launches online Wellness Store to Promote Healthier Living

Invisalign clear braces to straighten your teeth

FAQS on Holistic Primary Care and Nurse Practitioners in Washington DC

Functional Medicine : If you don't test, you guess

What is Fibromyalgia Syndrome?

Triune of Mind, Body and Spirit

Craniosacral therapy for deep relaxation

Holistic Nutrition, how to stop sugar cravings: 3 MUST DO steps

Colon Hydrotherapy in Washington DC - a first step to wellness

An Integrative Medicine Approach to Headaches

Holistic health: Are we being harmed by everyday products?

A Holistic Dentist's Approach to Dry Mouth

Your health care journey, finding your way with Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is in the News

Integrative Medicine Approach to Depression, Anxiety, and Mood Disorders

Integrative Medicine Treatment of Fungal Sinusitis

Exclusive Holistic Nutrition Offer for NIHA Patients Only

Washington, D.C. Breast Cancer Walkers Inspire NIHA

Additional Uses for Breast Thermography

NIHA Sponsors Breakfast for Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Washington, D.C.

Are my symptoms from an allergy or a cold?

Holistic health: What am I drinking?

Fetus Feeding

Holistic health: The Problem with Plastic

What do people who have had a military IED injury, Lyme disease or whiplash have in common?

Holistic Nutrition: Pasta that may help you LOSE weight

Why Holistic Health?

A Holistic Dental Approach to Sensitive Teeth

Holistic Nutrition: the "Dirty Dozen" Fruit and Vegetable List

How to Quit Smoking- Naturally, Painlessly, and Successfully

Holistic Nutrition Program: NIHA Scholarship Announcement

Holistic Nutrition: Eating "Icky" Rabbit Food Won't Get You Skinny

Allergies? Try Needle Free Allergy Testing and Treatment

Breast Thermography: An alternative to mammography?

The holistic dentist says...drink green tea

The Holistic Dentist says: Consider Invisalign® for Straighter Teeth

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