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Simple Steps to Detoxify for Spring

Posted by admin on Tue, May 16, 2017


Our society is increasingly exposed to toxins that are a significant contributor to the rise in chronic illness and disease.

Unfortunately, the rate of toxicity in our society is much higher than it was when our parents were growing up. This means that we need to be more vigilant and diligent in terms of detoxifying our bodies and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Toxins in our environment include:

  • foods grown with pesticides
  • poor quality water
  • exhaust fumes from autos & airplanes
  • electromagnetic radiation from phones, computers & wireless devices
  • commercial household cleansers
  • mold and chemicals in our homes
  • personal care products (cosmetics, shampoo, deodorant) that contain harmful ingredients such as aluminum
  • mercury amalgam fillings

How do you know if you need to cleanse or detoxify your body?

You can gauge your toxic load by looking at a few key areas:

Do you struggle with joint pain, low energy, poor sleep, poor digestion, headaches, fuzzy thinking, food sensitivities, mood swings or disease?
Do you eat on the run or consume fast food?
Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed?
Do you experience heavy metal toxicity from amalgam fillings?
Do you eat right, drink lots of water & take supplements but still not reaching your health goals?
Do you want to improve your athletic performance and recovery?

An accumulation of toxins may be the reason you experience symptoms, health challenges or are unable to attain your health goals. Your body cannot be completely restored to a balanced and healthy state without undergoing internal cleansing and detoxification. We believe that when your body is given the right “tools” for detoxification, it will release built-up toxins and rebuild itself from the inside out. The art and science of "intelligent detoxification" is a process that takes time but can yield significant improvements in health.

As a result of internal cleansing or detoxification, what results can you expect?
In the short-term, people may experience improvements in:

Bowel function
Immune system
Mental focus
Inflammation & pain reduction
Weight reduction

Over time, people may see improvements in energy, health issues and overall wellness.

Learn the "how to" steps to start detoxification:

Step 1: Reduce processed food
Step 2: Shift to 80% alkaline-forming food & 20% acid-forming food
Step 3: Drink more water
Step 4: Start juicing
Step 5: Eat fermented foods

AND...learn about the health benefits of incorporating detox spa therapies such as colon hydrotherapy, ion footbaths, massage, and more.

Get ready to feel better!


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