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How Does HCG Work for Weight Loss?

Posted by NIHA Staff on Tue, Feb 06, 2018

The HCG Weight loss program is a natural, sustainable and most importantly, an effective option istock_weightloss.jpgthat has revolutionized the way to lose weight.

How Does HCG for Weight Loss Work?
HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone that occurs naturally in the body. HCG is often referred to as the "pregnancy" hormone, as it is secreted in very large quantities during pregnancy to help support the growth of a fetus. It has been approved and safely used for many years in high dose amounts when treating fertility issues.

The use of HCG for weight loss is not new and the use of this hormone for weight loss and other health conditions dates back to the 1950′s. Widely used and researched in Europe where it has a long record of success with weight loss and wellness programs, we are happy to offer this weight loss option to those who are good candidates for the program.

It appears the HCG can help the body to burn off “belly fat” and use those unhealthy stores of fat as energy. This fat-burning helps to reduce hunger during the program. On average those embracing this program may lose 10-30 pounds per month, but of course overall results depend on each person's unique make up, health status and compliance with the program.

  • HCG stimulates weight loss and resets metabolism
  • HCG assists with weight loss without feeling hungry
  • HCG helps to maintain a good energy level while losing weight

HCG Weight Solution Program
The HCG program is a medically supervised rapid weight loss program that combines a very low calorie diet with supplementation and the use of a safe, natural hormone (HCG) to support efficient fat elimination while maintaining energy levels and minimizing hunger. The program includes lab testing, nutritional support, education, and supplies including and other comprehensive tools to ensure your success with the HCG Weight Solution.

Studies show that even a minor weight loss of 10% of body weight can improve LDL cholesterol, insulin sensitivity, blood pressure and triglycerides, so please contact us to see if you are a candidate for this medically supervised weight loss program.

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