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Glutathione, the Great Antioxidant and Great Detoxifier

Posted by on Tue, Jun 25, 2013

Bob Johnson DMD

Glutathione, the Great Antioxidant

Glutathione is  known as the Great antioxidant and the Great detoxifier.

Glutathione is a critically important molecule composed of 3 amino acids but is unique in that it is made by the body and exists inside all cells.

Why is Glutathione so important?

Glutathione is a great detoxifier and critical in prevention of chronic diseases.

Oxidation of cells contributes to degenerative diseases such as cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. Oxidation is also involved in the aging process with the body’s exposure to pollutants, chemicals and in regular metabolism.

Glutathione is the most important antioxidant and the body needs it for detoxification, to clean up the stressed and damaged cells, and to help the body repair itself.

Most patients with chronic illness have low levels of glutathione.

It has been clearly established that for the prevention of asthma, inflammation, arthritis, muscle weakness, cancer, cataracts, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more, glutathione is critical.

Glutathione also helps to maintain all other antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, the nitric oxide cycle and is indispensable in DNA and protein synthesis.  As such glutathione is a critical element in the body.  Most chronic illness patients have glutathione deficiency and would be effectively treated with glutathione.

Glutathione, although made in the body can be supplemented.  Oral glutathione supplementation has been shown to be ineffective due to the digestion process but consuming the precursors especially alpha lipoic and N acetyl cysteine have been shown more effective.

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