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Are You Concerned About Mercury Fillings in Your Mouth?

Posted by on Mon, Mar 12, 2012

Mercury Amalgam Fillings
Recently the Dr. Oz show featured Dr. Joseph Mercola D.O., discussing the dangers of "silver" mercury amalgam fillings, which contain 50% mercury:

The biological dentists at NIHA have been aware of the possible dangers of mercury amalgams, or fillings, for over 30 years and have not used these toxic materials in our "mercury free, mercury safe" practice since then. Biological dentists respect that the mouth is an integral part of the entire body, and use biocompatible dental materials so that dental treatments impact the rest of the body as little as possible.

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What is biological dentistry?

Posted by on Mon, Jun 08, 2009

1. Biological dentistry is the integration of dentistry and medicine. NIHA biological dentists, along with a growing number of eminent clinicians, believe that the mouth is an integrated part of the entire body, and should be treated accordingly. Your oral health relates to your overall health and wellness.
2. Biological dentists are conventionally trained, but have additional study and training in the systemic impacts of dental health. The difference between biological dentistry and conventional dentistry is that our dentists aim to treat a patient's dental problems while evaluating the impact on the rest of the body. They believe that the mouth, and all its structures are connected to your whole body. All dental therapies should work to enhance the body's natural ability to heal and repair itself.
3. Biological dentistry considers other health factors
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