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How to Live Clean

Posted by on Mon, Dec 30, 2013

It's a new year, which is a chance for a new you!

January is a great time to think about living a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. 

One of the best ways to start a new year is a nice detoxifying cleanse.  A cleanse removes the "bad stuff", or the toxins from your body and your home. In order to maintain optimum health and treat disease, it is imperative to decrease one's toxic load.  Think about the toxins we consume in just one day through the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the products we use to clean, the clothes you wear, the products you use in the shower and the make up and lotions you put on when you get out of the shower! We live in a toxic world, yes, but we also have access to things which lessen the toxic overload! Here are some small changes that you can make today to start living a cleaner, healthier life.

Tips to Lessen the Toxic Burden on Your Body:

1. Food:

Nutrient rich foods like local, organic vegetables and fruit, and high quality animal protein contain vitamins and minerals which can help heal the gut and strengthen your immune system. Toxic foods and substances include sugar, caffeine, mercury-containing fish, alcohol, gluten and dairy.

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Natural Remedies for Common Ailments

Posted by on Tue, Oct 22, 2013

Autumn Frandsen ND

Natural, Effective Solutions

Many people are looking for healthier options to common problems that may be as as effective as pharmaceuticals but not have side effects, and may resolve the underlying cause of the health challenge.

The following natural remedies are what I use in my naturopathic practice at National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA) with great success. While these are generally very safe in small dosages, as with any herbal or homeopathic or medication you should first consult your naturopathic physician before using these recommendations.

While natural medicine’s efficacy lends itself to both the expertise of the doctor and the commitment of the patient to take care of themselves, many natural remedies are quite effective in time of acute need.

Natural Options for Common Ailments

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The Dark Side of the Organic Food Industry: Is 'Organic' the Best Available?

Posted by on Mon, Oct 22, 2012

Jody Jung RN, CHC

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