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Fluoride: Emerging Research may Conflict with Traditional Dentistry

Posted by on Wed, May 21, 2014

Bob Johnson DMD

Traditional dentistry touts the benefits of fluoride to prevent caries/ cavities in your teeth.  This has been the conventional wisdom since the 1950’s.   Continued research by the dental community and outside researchers has occurred since that time.

As a result dentists and the traditional dental community recommend giving fluoride treatments and to legislate fluoridation of public drinking water. 

In recent studies,  fluoride has increasingly been shown to be toxic and not as effective at reducing decay as once thought.  There are alternatives to fluoride to improve the health of the mouth and to prevent decay.  These include using xylitol rinses and gum, rinsing with chlorhexidine or rinsing with baking soda solution to neutralize the acids which cause decay.

Fluoride and the Thyroid

Fluoride has now been shown to bind with and pull toxic mercury and aluminum into the brain and thyroid.  This may contribute to thyroid and brain dysfunction and degeneration. The mercury and aluminum which is pulled into the brain has been shown to damage individual nerve and thyroid cells resulting in decreasing function of these organs/ gland.  

In the thyroid the most important nutrient is Iodine.    Fluoride which has migrated into the thryoid from the mouth displaces the bound iodine resulting in an increasingly dysfunctional thyroid.   Whether or not fluoride actively causes a dysfunctional thyroid and brain or is the vehicle to transport other toxic materials such as mercury or aluminum into the brain and thyroid the use of fluoride must be reassessed as a toxin and its utilization be re-analyzed.   Given that there are much healthier and possibly equally effective alternatives our suggestion is to avoid the use of fluoride from all sources.

Make an Educated Health Decision on Fluoride

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Fluoride - What's the Big Deal?

Posted by on Wed, Jul 17, 2013

The dental profession has embraced a full range of fluoride treatments, including topical fluoride, fluoride in tooth paste and fluoridation of the water supply. For many dentists, to be against fluoride is the craziest thing that they have ever heard of- why would anyone be against anything that prevents tooth decay and is so good for you?

But Is This the Real Story About Fluoride?

Fluoride actually has two issues, one topical application in the dental office or tooth paste, the other is water fluoridation. Research has shown that fluoride only works in a topical manner. Fluoride interacts with hydroxyl-apatite to form fluorhydroxyapatite, which is more resistant to dissolving in the acids produced by the decaying bugs. In addition, fluoride is an anti-metabolite of bacteria (plaque). But there are other factors involved in bacteria control that is, plaque in our mouth- including nutrition, genetics, oral hygiene and salivary flow. More to the point, fluoride is a known xenobiotic, or toxin. In fact, a NIH panel concluded that “most tooth decay research is poorly done and lack of fluoride doesn’t cause decay but poor diet does.”

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