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What You Need to Know About a Root Canal and Your Health

Posted by on Mon, Jan 27, 2014

As a dentist in the Holistic Family Dental Practice of National Integrated Health Associates I meet several patients every day with root canal or potential root canal issues.  Most patients presenting with potential root canal issues have great misunderstandings of the issues surrounding root canals.

The Simple Truth About Root Canals

The nerve and blood vessels within all teeth are collectively referred to as the pulp and provides the vitality and immune resistance to the tooth in which they reside.  Most people and even some dentists may mistakenly believe that a toothache necessarily means that the tooth requires a root canal but that is not necessarily the case.

If a tooth is decayed, traumatized or exposed to microbes the nerve will first become inflamed.  This is called a pulpitis or inflammation of the pulp.    The first stage of pulpitis is termed acute pulpitis and if left untreated will become a chronic pulpitis. 

Both acute and chronic pulpitis can have symptoms (pain) or be asymptomatic (ie no pain).   What most dentists may not understand or do not have the tools to accomplish is to reverse acute and chronic pulpitis.   This reversal needs homeopathic anti-inflammatories plus healing lasers.

What You Need to Know Before Going to the Dentist

If a pulpitis is not treated it usually becomes a dead, necrotic tooth.  The necrotic tooth may or may not have symptoms.  Once a tooth becomes necrotic it will attract microbial infection.  The ways to stop this infection within a necrotic tooth is either extractions or to perform a root canal.

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Root Canals and Your Overall Health

Posted by on Mon, Apr 22, 2013

Mark McClure DDS

Did you catch this posting on  “97% of terminal cancer patients previously had this dental procedure”?

The answer is root canals. 

Biological dentists have been concerned about root canals and patient’s health ever since the Father of Biological Dentistry, Dr. Weston Price, performed his now famous root canal experiment. Dr. Weston Price implanted root canaled teeth from patients with known pathologies (like cancer) and observed the same pathology growing in the implanted rabbit. That means a rabbit implanted with the root canal teeth of a patient with heart disease would then develop heart disease! A coincidence? If it happened once maybe, but he demonstrated many times the same results with the same tooth and many different rabbits.

Root Canals May Harbor Bacteria

We acknowledge the intense controversy within the biological dental community concerning the safety of root canal therapy. Even the conventional dental community is beginning to acknowledge that there may be long term health issues attributable to retaining dead teeth in a person’s mouth. Of course their interest is to replace the root canal with an implant, not necessarily a new found understanding that root canaled teeth are incubating sources for many pathogens and a continuous flow of toxins as well as the tremendous stress to the neuro-immune system. Both the toxin release and the neuro-immune stress on your body from dead root canal teeth may be the root causes for many chronic health problems- and affect your overall health status.

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Root Canal Teeth and Cavitations

Posted by on Mon, Jan 10, 2011

Lowell Weiner DDS, FAGD

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