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Could Unresolved Conflict from Our Ancestors Be Making Us Sick?

Posted by on Fri, Mar 07, 2014

It is well-understood now in some progressive scientific circles that everything that happens to us, and our reactions to whatever happens to us, imprints on our actual DNA.  Wow! 

Think about that for a moment. 

We used to think that our DNA was static, did not basically change, and dictated our life experience in a variety of ways.  But no, as it happens our DNA can be altered significantly, both in a positive sense and in a not-so-positive sense.  This, for the most part, would not present a challenge unless whatever happens to us is traumatic or psycho-emotionally damaging…….and is never resolved. 

These unresolved traumas and conflicts then get passed down to subsequent generations of children and grandchildren, through our DNA, and can show up in our lives as chronic illness (or even a repeat of similar traumas, situations, experiences, characteristics and even the emotional imbalances that our ancestry suffered).  In other words, their unresolved psychic distress can become part of the cellular memory we inherit.  Until the issue has been successfully settled or resolved, it can continue to trigger illness in the generations that follow. 

Ancestral Origins of Disease

None of us get to be of adult age without suffering a few slings and arrows.  And none of us come with a ‘handbook’ of ‘how to’ instructions.  We’re basically on our own to figure out our way in the world to the best of our ability.  And as if our own life’s ups and downs weren’t enough to handle, we also have a slew of unresolved conflicts and traumas passed down from our ancestry, possibly causing us acute or chronic illness.   We call this ‘transgenerational transmission of disease’ or ‘ancestral origins of disease’, and now there is an actual scientific term that has been coined for this study called ‘BioGeneology’

Most people believe there is a link between our emotional/psychic health and the health of our physical body, yet some people seem more prone to illness than others.  Could it be possible to trace the root cause of an illness back to its source within our family tree, resolve it, and heal ourselves now?  In a word, yes.

BioGeneology basically states that:

  • All illnesses have a distress as their starting point, which causes ‘biological conflict’.
  • All illnesses begin upon receiving an order from the brain.
  • As genes contain imprinted memories of ancient adaptations to old conflicts, all illnesses are genetic and epigenetic. 

Because, in a sense, our ancestors live within us, we can often find the roots of our illnesses in our family history, in our family tree.  Then it becomes apparent that it is no longer the ailing organ or system that requires treatment, but our life experience and that of our family tree.

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What Secrets Are Held Within Your Body That Are Your Keys To Healing?

Posted by on Wed, Sep 05, 2012

Maureane O'Shaugnessy

Have you read every book you can get your hands on, tried every new therapy that has come your way and still feel no further ahead in achieving your healing goals?  What if I told you that your body has the answer!  What if I told you that I can help to stimulate your body to speak, to give up its healing secrets?  What if I told you that there are simple, profoundly effective healing techniques that can resolve your blockages and place you in a balanced and open state where potential for healing exists?

Why Can't I Heal?

We all have discordant energies, deeply-held belief systems and familial relational patterns (even with ourselves), familial contracts, physical or emotional life-traumas, etc......still held within the cells of our bodies and our hearts, that we are not consciously aware of, and that can interfere with the ultimate ‘healing’ or ‘wholeness’ of the ‘self’ we so desire.  These can readily sabotage our best efforts and even the prescribed medical interventions designed for our healing.  

Given everything that we are faced with tackling or managing in our busy, hectic, demanding lives, we can lose that essential connection to our spirit, our very being, that has the ultimate potential to sustain us in every way –physically, mentally and spiritually.  

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