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Unresolved Chronic Pain or Health Issues: What Are You Missing?

Posted by on Wed, Jan 25, 2017

Every one of us is probably experiencing some type of pain or medical condition in our lives, and some are more difficult to treat than others.  Some resolve quickly, like a cold or sore muscles after a good work out at the gym. Other issues may continue to fester for years, or even decades, with no resolution in sight.

In the search for answers to unresolved pain or health issues, we may go from doctor to doctor searching for a solution, or we may decide it is something we can handle on our own.  Some of us never start the search for a solution because we make excuses (age, work, time, stress, money) and don’t make the time to take care of ourselves. At any rate, we will never get resolution to pain or health issues by looking for just one answer, unless we happen to be very lucky.  With over 17 years of practicing chiropractic care, I have observed that three main factors influence unresolved pain and chronic health issues. Each area needs to be explored so that the root cause(s) can be addressed and you can begin to heal.

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Snowzilla Hits the D.C. Area, Thousands of Low Back Casualties Not Reported

Posted by on Wed, Jan 27, 2016

After a big storm everybody has to go out into the cold and do hard labor. Shovel full after shovel full of snow being thrown onto a big pile so we can get to our cars, get the kids to school or even just open the front door. Unfortunately, shoveling snow is not a normal movement for us and can result in injuries we should not ignore, but many of us do. As soon as the pain hits, we start to get those loving reminders from our spouses to go have it looked at, but most of the time it falls on deaf ears. Some ibuprofen, Tylenol, heat and rest is what most people do. Then a week later you may be feeling OK. If it doesn’t go away most people continue to tolerate it until it resolves on its own or turns into something worse, and that can be a mistake.

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Go Back to the Basics

Posted by on Thu, Mar 05, 2015

Coy Roscosky D.C.

As a physical medicine doctor of 15 years I have seen a lot of patients that have presented with  various levels of pain and musculoskeletal problems.  Some as simple as low back pain as the result of shoveling snow, to as complicated as having Lyme disease/low thyroid/ chronic inflammation/ shoulder pain all layered on each other, never knowing what is the real cause of their physical pain.  Somehow, in any of these cases, there needs to be a point where the basics of physical health are incorporated into daily living. Along with proper treatment, this will set the foundation for healing and get a patient back to a better state of health from when they first came in.

In sports, when a team is doing poorly many times the coach will take the team back to  drills they learned as a kid to reinforce the basics of the sport.  This allows the team to return to "the basics" of being successful and winning games.  The same thing has to happen when restoring the physical body to the way it is supposed to move and feel. 

What are basics for health?

1)      Proper motion of Joints

2)      Responsive, stable muscles

3)      Proper nutrition

4)      8 hours of rest

5)      Reduced levels of emotional/mental stress

Why are these the basics? 

If your joints don’t move properly it is difficult to exercise and move.  If your joints don’t move then it is harder to stimulate your muscles through proper ranges of  motion and muscles become weaker and unstable.  In order for muscles to contract correctly and heal, you must have good nutrition to support energy and healing of these and other soft tissues.  Recuperation from exercising your muscles and daily work comes from sleep.  Eight hours of sleep has been shown time after time in research studies as a necessity for health, or the body suffers in numerous ways.  If you don’t get enough sleep, stress increases and your ability to remain calm, relaxed and think clearly throughout the day is limited.

The Basics are a Foundation for Healing

Doesn’t this all sound familiar? Do you remember that song, “the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone?”  Everything in the body has a connection to the other.  If you don’t have a basic foundation then how can your body heal?

The following is a list of action steps (prioritized) to take to get back to the basics:

1)      Chiropractic, Manual Physical Therapy, Exercise, Yoga

2)      Chiropractic, Manual Physical Therapy, Athletic Trainer, Functional Exercise

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Where Does Pain Come From?

Posted by on Mon, Jun 24, 2013

Pain is one of the biggest motivators to go get healthcare. Most people think they can deal with sharp pain, muscles that ache, a body that gets achy and tired at the end of a day. But when it gets to a point that you can’t handle it anymore, you call the doctor.  Our job is to discover what is causing your pain.  Sometimes we get lucky and  it is just a sore muscle that goes away after a treatment, but what if it is more complicated?  There are no easy cases for doctors; patients present with individual problems that get solved uniquely based on how they present. 

The Sources of Pain

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Have You Tried Everything to Get Rid of Carpal Tunnel?

Posted by on Mon, Jul 16, 2012

Wrist braces, physical therapy, rest, ergonomic work stations. 

You may have tried them all with little to no success for relief from carpal tunnel syndrome. The reason why it is not working is because most people, and even health practitioners, don’t understand where carpal tunnel comes from.  All people know is that their wrist hurts or their hands are going numb and they want it fixed because it greatly affects their lives.

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A Chiropractor Can Fix That Neck Pain

Posted by on Wed, Mar 14, 2012

Recently Dr. Mercola published an article, Chiropractors and Exercise are Better than Drugs Says New Study, which talks about neck pain.

I have been a chiropractor for over 12 years and have seen every type of chronic pain that a person can have, including neck pain.

What is amazing about the original article Dr. Mercola is referencing is that it was researched and funded by NIH (National Institutes of Health) and the medical journal, Annals of Internal Medicine.  Mainstream medical establishments are showing you that drugs work little to not at all with chronic neck pain.  Unfortunately the United States has become dependant on medications as our standard answer to most any pain problem. It is not surprising to see an elderly person on 10-12 medications, but are they getting better?  Not only are they taking a lot of medications but they are sedentary and not living full lives because of chronic pain.  Yet in China you see the elderly doing Tai Chi in the park and taking little medication.  Why? Different cultures, different mindsets, different medicine. 

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Coy Roskosky, Doctor of Chiropractic in Washington D.C.

Posted by on Mon, Dec 05, 2011

Dr. Coy Roskosky  provides comprehensive chiropractic care using joint manipulation, soft tissue therapies, functional and sports enhancing techniques. As a Doctor of Chiropractic he treats and balances the nervous and musculoskeletal systems to help the body function at it's highest level.

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Can Preventative and Wellness Care Fix Our Country’s Woes?

Posted by on Fri, Sep 23, 2011

Coy Roskosky D.C.

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Should you be seeing a chiropractor?

Posted by on Sat, Sep 03, 2011

by Dr. Coy Roskosky, D.C.

In the September 2011 issue of Consumer Reports  an article was written entitled “Alternative  Therapies” in which 45,000 readers tell you what helped the most with their health issues. 

Here are the results:

Chiropractic  ranked 1st in back pain and neck pain, 3rd in headaches/migraines.  Chiropractic was also ranked 3rd and 4th in Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia, respectively.  Even more interesting, chiropractic was ranked in 2nd in Cold & Flu and 3rd for Allergies. 

So what does this have to do with you?

Chiropractic care can help your health tremendously!  People are using chiropractic for medical conditions like back and neck pain, but they are also using it to treat a variety of other health issues like carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis and temporal mandibular dysfunction (TMD.)  Also, you don’t have to see a chiropractor just for pain; it is also used for preventative care.

Chiropractic is More Mainstream than Alternative

Chiropractic is mainstream in healthcare now!  I’ve watched Chiropractic use increase in the past 15 years on the East Coast.  I’m excited to see people learn more about chiropractic and use it for a variety of issues.  But I am even more excited when I see people who thought that they were just going to have to live with their health conditions decide to utilize chiropractic and then improve to the point where they feel normal again.  All because they made the choice to get chiropractic care and receive it’s benefits. 

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