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Authentic Healing- What it Means for Our Brain and Others

Posted by on Wed, Jan 29, 2020

If I suggested that you invest in the stock market, and no matter how hard you worked and applied your creative abilities, that you would always fail- how interested would you be in investing? 

The business of healing can be like that, because everyone eventually gets old, gets sick and dies.  In fact, my Buddhist friends call old age, infirmity and death the Three Heavenly Messengers!  I googled this term and got over 2 million hits, suggesting that it is a very popular term in certain circles.

As a “healer,” a functional medicine physician,  I know how easy it is to get my ego wrapped up with my powers to end infirmity (for a while), extend life (for a while) and put death off (for a while).  Inevitably though, no matter how good I am at this trade, I too will always fail.  Therefore, I am constantly questioning my motives and asking my colleagues to engage in a little introspection and ask questions like, “Why am I in this business of healing, when the Three Heavenly Messengers, old age, infirmity and death, will always prevail?” 

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Blessing the New Year

Posted by on Thu, Jan 26, 2017






As we launch into a new year, we have quite a year ahead, both spiritually speaking, and politically speaking.  Those of us who live in America seem to feel very divided over our current political shift.  The world is watching, with perhaps a similar divide.  As souls living on this earth plane at this time, we must ask:  what is our responsibility at this time in the life of humanity as a whole?

Seeing the Big Picture

First, from a higher spiritual perspective, we look at this new year  together, not just as individuals, but also seeking the greater good for our life together, as well as seeking the spiritual evolution of us all.  Second, instead of asking "what is in this new year for me?" we ask, "what can I do in this new year to impart wellbeing (blessing) to others?"

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