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Blessing the New Year

Posted by NIHA Staff on Thu, Jan 26, 2017







As we launch into a new year, we have quite a year ahead, both spiritually speaking, and politically speaking.  Those of us who live in America seem to feel very divided over our current political shift.  The world is watching, with perhaps a similar divide.  As souls living on this earth plane at this time, we must ask:  what is our responsibility at this time in the life of humanity as a whole?

Seeing the Big Picture

First, from a higher spiritual perspective, we look at this new year  together, not just as individuals, but also seeking the greater good for our life together, as well as seeking the spiritual evolution of us all.  Second, instead of asking "what is in this new year for me?" we ask, "what can I do in this new year to impart wellbeing (blessing) to others?"

The guidance I would like to share with you is guidance that actually came through as a blessing for one of my clients. At the end of each energy healing session, I ask Source for the blessing the client needs to hear. This particular blessing can impart well-being to us all:

“This is the lifetime to shift from being a physical warrior to being a spiritual warrior.  A spiritual warrior does not ask, ‘Where is the enemy outside of myself?’  Rather, a spiritual warrior asks, ‘Where is the enemy within?’

Nor does a spiritual warrior seek to attack that which is outside oneself, but rather engages the struggle between goodness and evil within oneself.  A spiritual warrior therefore asks, ‘What is blocking the peace within myself that is preventing me from bringing peace to the world?’

For the task of a spiritual warrior is to find the peace within herself or himself, that she or he may bring peace to the world.”

If we will all live according to this guidance, the world will only get better and better, and we will all evolve and find true and lasting inner peace.  When we find that inner peace, we will be able to share it with each other, no matter what our outer circumstances may be.

May this year be the year we make significant progress in finding, keeping, and sharing that inner peace!


carol_richardson_blog.jpgCarol "Anandi" Richardson M.Div., M.P.H., combines wisdom and training from both East and West, and focuses on wellness in mind, body, and soul. She is the author of Mornings with the Masters: Mystical Journeys in a Postmodern World (2016) and  Exodus 2012: A Mission to Save the Earth and Aging Well~Be Your Best Self Forever!.



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