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Why Choose Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Posted by on Wed, May 15, 2013

Lauren Amodeo

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Doctor, What Do I Take?

Posted by on Thu, Jan 05, 2012

Chas Gant MD, PhD

Most people believe symptoms are the disease so they often take drugs, herbs or supplements to suppress symptoms in the false belief that a medical or psychiatric problem is resolved if symptoms disappear.  These myths may stem from deep, unconscious fears handed down to us from ages past when diarrhea was equated with typhoid fever or a cough could mean that one has tuberculosis.  TB did kill about one billion human beings in the 1800s, so one can understand why people are afraid of symptoms and believe they are the disease itself.  Only recently have we come to understand that symptoms suggest something very different.

Symptoms May Mean your Body is Trying to Heal

Symptoms are actually the result of the body trying to heal itself in some way.  Diarrhea and cough could very rarely signify a lethal problem and should be investigated if they become chronic problems, but actually these symptoms are protective detoxification mechanisms which the body employs to remove toxins from gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts respectively.  Fatigue can signify malnutrition and therefore tiredness could be a natural response of the body to conserve calories.  Nausea is a protective signal from the body instructing us to fast, because the GI tract is dealing with something toxic or infectious and does not want to devote its limited resources to digesting food.  Joint pain is a clear protective signal to rest an inflamed joint.  Depression could result from overdoing our fight/flight sympathetic nervous system and the consequent burnout protectively forces us to rest.

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World Wellness Store Top Selling Nutritional Supplements

Posted by on Wed, Nov 30, 2011

Nature is your best source of nutrition. However, it is now scientifically and medically recognized that even high quality and balanced diets can benefit from targeted nutritional supplements.

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The Power of Garlic, a Detoxification Super Food

Posted by on Mon, Aug 08, 2011










Detoxification, or the process of removing the unneeded “bad stuff” from the body, is a key component to health and longevity.

Living in the modern world, we are exposed daily to a variety of chemicals and substances that are not beneficial to the body, and may be harmful.  Pesticides, chemicals and radiation can be found in air, water, food, personal care products, cleaning products and more. Home and work environments are air-tight and filled with wireless tvs, computers, cell phones, routers and smart meters. Technology changes so rapidly that we are not able to assess the long term effects of all this exposure to the human body.

However, there are many foods, herbs and drugs that are in the arsenal of a holistic patient and their doctor’s tool kit to help the body detoxify in a natural manner. Garlic is one of the most important! This ancient food has been used for years to increase longevity. Garlic has so many benefits that it truly ranks as one of the most important super-foods.

The Major Benefits of Garlic

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Prepare for Flu and Cold Season with Healthy Habits

Posted by on Wed, Oct 13, 2010

By Deborah McCabe

Flu and Cold Season Information
At NIHA we always advise patients to get as much information as possible before making any health care choice for their family. We want to help you find reliable sources.  Providing you with good information is one of our most important responsibilities. This empowers you to make the best decisions for you and your family based on what has been proven to be safe, effective and necessary. Here is good information that should help everyone make those important decisions this cold and flu season to stay healthy.

Educate Yourself

In August 2010, the World Health Organization officially stated that the Swine (H1N1) flu pandemic is over. That means that all the worries of a worldwide flu disaster are history. There has been lots of buzz about why the flu scare got so blown out of proportion. For a comprehensive dose of flu related information, I recommend Dr. Mercola’s site, and Dr.Tenpenny's site has good information as well. Below are links to two of Dr. Mercola's postings with lots of statistics and references to help better understand the flu vaccine controversy. 

Today we are seeing diseases resistant to traditional treatments and we know how important a lifestyle of prevention and life long wellness is the KEY! A regular exercise regimen, eating a whole food, organic diet, drinking a clean fresh source of water, getting adequate sunshine and controlling stress levels is still the best way I know to stay healthy as the colder, darker weather season approaches.

While enjoying a nice fall days, it is hard to believe that cooler weather is right around the corner. A few good habits can make a profound difference in our overall health this coming season.  

Here are few easy-to-follow tips to stay healthy:

1. Increase the time and frequency of hand washing. Use warm, soapy water and wash frequently throughout the day and especially before meals; there is no need to use anti-bacterial soap.

2. Maintain a sufficient level of exercise. This gets harder as the days shorten and the weather cools. It is important to set aside time for a workout routine, but it's important to make it "do-able." Add some fun options that you will look forward to like belly dancing or Wii Fit, something the whole family may enjoy and can be done easily at home. You won't stick to the exercise if you just dread the thought of doing it, so find something you enjoy.

3. We encourage everyone to keep up their vitamin and mineral supplementation. Especially be sure to include Vitamin D and Vitamin C. It is important to get your levels checked prior to flu season or at your next check up. At NIHA we have Flu and Virus Prevention information with the supplements we recommend for this cold and flu season.

Links to flu vaccine information via Dr.

Enjoy the lovely autumn weather and be well!


Debbie McCabe is a holistic health practitioner at National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA, an integrative medicine and dental center  located in Washington, D.C.




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How to Quit Smoking- Naturally, Painlessly, and Successfully

Posted by on Fri, Jan 22, 2010

Chas Gant MD, PhD

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6 Essential Nutritional Supplements and why you need them

Posted by on Mon, Jun 15, 2009

Nature is your best source of nutrition. However, it is now scientifically and medically recognized that even high quality and balanced diets can benefit from targeted nutritional supplements. Augmenting a healthy diet with supplements may provide the best possible opportunity to enjoy optimal health and lower the risk of disease development.
Start with these key nutritional supplements:

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