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Why Choose Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Posted by admin on Wed, May 15, 2013

Lauren Amodeo

What Does "Pharmaceutical Grade" or "Physician Grade"  Supplement Mean?

Here at NIHA and in our online  World Wellness Store we carry both OTC (over the counter) and pharmaceutical grade supplements. All of the products we carry have been hand picked by our doctors and practitioners for specific protocols. It is important to note that U.S. law requires the same level of quality control for both markets and both are made in regulated pharmaceutical facilities.

Why you have to see the doctor

world_wellness_storeThe terms physician grade or pharmaceutical grade refers to professional market supplements available only to and marketed exclusively to doctors. In order to purchase these items from NIHA or online at the World Wellness Store, you must be a registered patient of one of our doctors.  Physician grade supplements are formulated with a specific result in mind. They often contain much higher amounts of active ingredients to help the doctor manage a case and as part of a protocol. More importantly, your doctor is going to monitor you while on these supplements, and will also be aware of any contra-indications which can include other supplements, pharmaceuticals or even foods. 

Physician grade products must yield consistent results and as such are held to a higher standard in manufacturing, quality control, testing and continued monitoring. Additionally, companies provide educational tools to the doctor and train their employees in order to field any questions or concerns regarding the supplement.

The manufacturers know that doctors will likely stop using the products that do not perform consistently. In an Integrative medical health practice like NIHA the doctors are carefully listening to and monitoring patients’ reactions to specific products and this feedback may be shared at a weekly doctor/practioner meeting where any pertinent supplement questions, issues and protocols are discussed, in order to improve the treatment outcome for the patient.

About the World Wellness Store

The World Wellness Store offers a range of integrative health supplements and products based on the world knowledge of healing and wellness following the integrative medical model.

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