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7 Tips for a Happy Marriage or Partnership

Posted by on Tue, Feb 02, 2016

Whether you are an engaged couple, married couple, or partners who have been committed to one another for a long time, there is often more that you can do to enhance your relationship.

Would you like your marriage to become just as perfect as your wedding, or even better? So many couples seem to be a “perfect match,” but what does that really mean? How can you make and keep the very best possible relationship, built to last a lifetime?

Most of us desire things like a really attractive and sexy partner who is independent, reliable, earns a decent living, who gets along with our family and friends, and whose friends and family we really like, as well. Most of all, we desire to be with someone we love and who loves us. But even if you have all those things, how do you know this relationship can really work well and last a lifetime? Here are seven tips to a happy marriage plus four signs you are in fact, a “perfect match.”

Four signs your partner, spouse, or fiancé is the “perfect match” for you.

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Why Do We Really Love the Holidays?

Posted by on Mon, Dec 14, 2015

What’s the real reason that we love the holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah so much?  Why do we love holidays and holy days in general so much? 

How do we keep that sense of peace and joy in everyday life?  What does truly make us happy in a lasting sense in life?


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