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What Secrets Are Held Within Your Body That Are Your Keys To Healing?

Posted by admin on Wed, Sep 05, 2012

Maureane O'Shaugnessy

describe the imageHave you read every book you can get your hands on, tried every new therapy that has come your way and still feel no further ahead in achieving your healing goals?  What if I told you that your body has the answer!  What if I told you that I can help to stimulate your body to speak, to give up its healing secrets?  What if I told you that there are simple, profoundly effective healing techniques that can resolve your blockages and place you in a balanced and open state where potential for healing exists?

Why Can't I Heal?

We all have discordant energies, deeply-held belief systems and familial relational patterns (even with ourselves), familial contracts, physical or emotional life-traumas, etc......still held within the cells of our bodies and our hearts, that we are not consciously aware of, and that can interfere with the ultimate ‘healing’ or ‘wholeness’ of the ‘self’ we so desire.  These can readily sabotage our best efforts and even the prescribed medical interventions designed for our healing.  

Given everything that we are faced with tackling or managing in our busy, hectic, demanding lives, we can lose that essential connection to our spirit, our very being, that has the ultimate potential to sustain us in every way –physically, mentally and spiritually.  

The challenges throughout our entire lives, and remarkably even from the very beginning of our lives, can result in a ‘disconnect’ from our own magnificence, that space of‘ultimate potential’ where anything is possible and all manifestation exists…..and healing is a matter of course. Clearing the debris preventing our ‘best selves’ from manifesting and reconnecting to our magnificent spirit, is essential to ‘finding our way, our true selves’ and for the healing our bodies, minds and most especially our hearts.

Heal Your Heart, Heal Your Body

In terms of the overall communication within the body, 5% of our communications to ‘self’ come from our brain and 95% come from our heart.  If we heal our heart, we can ultimately heal not only our minds, but our bodies as well.  If we can determine what information held deep within our hearts and thus the actual physical cells of our bodies, sabotage our best efforts at healing, and we have the healing techniques at hand that can address and resolve whatever the issues blocking us are, we then have the tools to achieve our dreams and desires.  Focus on the heart.  Learn what the heart holds, listen, acknowledge………..and then apply these techniques and watch miracle happen.  

It's time to choose YOU.  

Join us and together we will find YOUR WAY.... Your way to become whole, healthy, vibrant and re-connected to the real YOU.

Maureane O'Shaugnessy is a holistic practitioner specializing in natural empathic healing/Medical Intuitive. Maureane has devoted herself to the study and practice of complementary and alternative healing modalities for 30 years in both Canada and the US. Incorporating a methodology of healing that includes the triune of body, mind and spirit, Maureane has developed a healing process that identifies and releases energies and emotions that perpetuate trauma and ‘dis-ease’. She is a skilled facilitator adept at guiding and empowering patients towards their own healing.

Topics: trauma, mind-body