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An Integrative Concept and Approach to Cancer

Posted by NIHA Staff on Mon, Jan 09, 2017

couple_Dollarphotoclub_55163115-1.jpgHere at National integrated Health Associates (NIHA) we have a dynamic team of doctors and health practitioners involved in Integrative Cancer Care.

We integrate modern medical science with living wisdom from generations around the world to provide specialized adjunctive cancer care from cancer prevention to where appropriate, cancer treatment.

We understand that the battle with cancer is challenging, and thus we see the importance of reaching out into all spheres to find the most effective ways to treat each of the unique individuals who is fighting this disease. With a disease as complex as cancer, and there is no denying its complexity, only in learning from the many vast resources can one truly provide successful and lasting treatment.

We liken this theory to the story of the blind men and the elephant. The story, originating from the Indian subcontinent, is the story of 5 blind men, or men in the dark, trying to describe an elephant to the wise man in their village. Since each man only feels a portion of the elephant, they disagree and argue about what an elephant must actually look like. They are not wrong in describing the portion of the creature they felt- in fact they were exactly correct in describing that unique feature. Where they fell short was the ability to hear and believe one another, and thus begin to see the big picture, or the "whole" elephant.

Cancer Care for the Whole Person

It is this comprehensive approach that the Integrative Cancer care team at NIHA strives to take in treating our cancer patients. We integrate complementary medicine with conventional medicine. The goal is to bridge these philosophies and practices and move past traditional boundaries to make a difference for restoring the health of the patient and achieving the best outcome.

We look at all available treatment options, including insulin potentiation low dose chemotherapy (IPTLD).  We support and work together with our patients' oncologists and other medical providers. This whole person (body, mind and spirit) approach enables us to utilize modern medical technology and traditional treatments, including natural and complementary medicine, for the benefit of our patients.

For more information, please see the Integrative Cancer Treatment webpage.

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