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Healing Beyond the Body- The Mind-Body Connection

Posted by Kuno Bachbauer LMFT on Thu, Apr 18, 2019

Join us for a lecture and mini-workshop!   mind body connection

This talk is Part 1 of the series, "Understanding the Connection Between the Mind, Emotions and the Body."

Title: “Healing Beyond the Body- The Mind-Body Connection"

Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Time:  6:30 – 7:30 PM

Location: National Integrated Health Associates

Presenter: Kuno Bachbauer, (Austria), L.M.F.T. (D.C.)


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Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

In my workshops, I often show a picture by the famous visionary painter Alex Grey. I share an understanding of how an invisible underlying “energy grid” is directly linked to mind, emotions and the functioning of our physical body and thus at the root of health and illness.  This is also the explanation for how the mind shapes the body and how the body can influence mind and emotions and how energy “energy and consciousness” inter-relate. I show that our bodies are part of a larger field of information that holds consciousness.

Rupert Sheldrake first described the function of “Morphogenetic Fields”. He showed us that energy can be seen as a field of information, a field of unlimited potential that we all are part of.  One of my personal heroes, Bert Hellinger, the father of Family Constellations work, calls this phenomenon “The Knowing Field”. His Family Constellations work shows us clearly how ancestral information can reach back for generations. This field can be distorted by traumatic experiences passed on from prior generations and this influence illness and health.

The good news of all this is that the knowing field changes by making it conscious.  Thus, deep mind-body healing can occur when one learns how to be conscious of this! 

How Key Beliefs May be at the Root of Chronic Illness

So, let’s put this information into a practical application by checking out how this applies to you!

Inspired by the work of Gabor Mate’ and Bruce Lipton, PhD, I offer the following list because it may show you important first-hand insights into the intricate interplay between your own psyche and your own body:


1.          I have to be strong!  

2.          It is not right for me to be angry!  

3.          If I am angry, I will not be lovable!  

4.          I am responsible for the whole world!  

5.          I can handle anything!  

6.          I am not wanted - I am not lovable!  

7.          I do not exist unless I do something!  

8.          I have to be very ill to deserve being taken care of!  

Taken from Gabor, Mate, MD, When the Body says NO, referring to The Biology of Emotions, the work of Bruce Lipton, PhD.

So simple, and so seemingly harmless statements……Are they not?

I am sure that you have heard yourself say one or the other of these statements. Or, at least, you have heard these sentences from a loved one.

However,  these statements are extremely toxic: These sentences “gnaw” on you, they drain you, and can limit you!

If you checked off any of these sentences, beware!

Each one of these statements can be deeply toxic and life-diminishing for you, if you really believe in them.

Each one of these sentences has the potential to make you sick, promote illness, or keep you suffering.

As you will learn in my workshop, they are evidence of an unconscious survival mechanism and an “adaption” to a situation that was very traumatic for you much earlier-on in life.



Each one of the eight statements in the Questionnaire above may be true for you. The more statements you have checked in the 8 KEY BELIEFS list, the more likely it is that internal conflicts and beliefs, held-over from a traumatic childhood, have had a part in the creation of a chronic illness.

As a therapist, I can’t take away my client’s trauma and pain. I only can help change one’s perception about a certain situation. I can help change someone’s beliefs and emotional state,  which in turn will change the state of wellness of the body.


Unfamiliar with thinking about life this way?

Each journey starts with the first step!

Besides the information presented above, you will learn:

  • Why any illness must be seen as a systemic, multi-factorial process and a break-down of wholeness.
  • How the “ACE Study” (short for “Adverse Childhood Experiences study”). documents the connection between adverse childhood experiences and chronic illness later in life.
  • How unconscious life-commitments and frozen inner beliefs, resulting from unresolved traumatic childhood experiences, may adversely influence the development of an illness.
  • How a psychotherapist can make use of the “mind-body connection” for re-balancing and healing.

Join us Tuesday, April 30, 2019 @ 6:30 PM at National Integrated Health Associates


This event has ended.


photo credit Alex Grey art


Kuno_Bachbaur_LMFT_holistic therapist NIHAKuno Bachbauer, Dr. med. (Austria), L.M.F.T (D.C.) has a life-long interest in personal growth, mind-body medicine, and understanding the neuro-biology of emotion and spiritual transformation. He practices Core Energetics at CoreConstellations Center in Rockville, MD. and at National Integrated Health Associates in Washington, D.C. and teaches internationally.






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