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Macronutrients and Wellness: Regenerative Agriculture Farms Near DC

Posted by Dr. Charles Gant on Tue, Feb 02, 2021


Doctors prescribe micronutrients such as B vitamins, vitamin C, medications, and various healing techniques (e.g., acupuncture, physical therapy) – to name a few I prescribe frequently – but we don’t generally prescribe MACROnutrients. Sure, we prescribe carbohydrate restriction to kill yeast infections, and organic foods especially if your genetic profile shows that you cannot break down insecticides, and we restrict allergic foods that are discovered on food allergy testing e.g., gluten, milk, and eggs. But generally speaking, we/I have done an extremely poor job of prescribing non-toxic and highly nutritious foods mostly because we have never had the opportunity – until now!

Regenerative Agriculture

“Regenerative Agriculture” is a farming practice that, among other benefits, reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity – resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle. Woody Harrelson narrates the documentary on REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE entitled It’s a full-length, professionally produced, Hollywood production that is becoming very popular with many millions of viewers. You and your friends and family will enjoy it, as you will be filled with inspiration and hope. I was crying tears of joy at the end.

Back to Nature

More germane to the subject of macronutrients and wellness, is a topic on their website: , which lists various ways to capitalize on the regenerative agriculture movement which is sweeping the planet. Specifically, use their search engine to find a regenerative agriculture farm near you and begin to express the most powerful democratic power known, your pocketbook and wallet. Buy food that makes even “organic food” pale by comparison. Buy food that regenerates the soil instead of destroying it as is now being done. Buy food, that increasingly with every harvest, has less and less diseases-promoting and cancer/dementia/autism causing toxins. Buy food that is so loaded with new and exotic phytonutrients, that we have not even studied them yet. Buy food that sequesters excess CO2 from our atmosphere and stops Climate Change dead in its tracks. Next chance you get, go ahead, and kiss the ground.

Reducing Carbon Dioxide with Regenerative Farming

I might mention the initiative at the Paris Climate Accord, which in 2015, the US did not sign. Nor did the other two top carbon polluters, China and India. If John Kerry brings the US on board with the 4p1000 initiative, India and China will be forced to follow. The 4p1000 initiative commits every country’s agricultural systems to increase carbon in the soil by only 0.4% (4 parts per 1000) which eliminates the gigatons of carbon dioxide being added to the atmosphere for one year, and which ends the worsening of Climate Change. Farmers can easily increase soil carbon by 3.5% which means that American farmers alone can help end Climate Change for the whole world, regardless as to how much fossil fuels are burned here or elsewhere. US farmers are already leading the way, so find a farm and buy their food by searching the website (, enjoy macronutrient-induced wellness for you and your family (including our fur-baby pets), and support the ending of Climate Change.

The time is now for functional and integrative medical providers to become total healers, by adding authentic “health-care” to their astonishing technological expertise as “disease management” providers. We can do this by not only prescribing micronutrients, drugs and various healing methodologies, but by prescribing macronutrients derived from regenerative agriculture farms. I pledge from this point on to provide each patient with a list of regenerative agricultural farms in this area that they can use to buy their food. These are listed below, taken right off the kisstheground website and I will update it occasionally as this revolutionary agricultural movement expands in our area:

Fox Hollow Farm

Products : Chicken,Eggs,Beef,Pork,Lamb,Goat,Turkey,Vegetables,Honey,

Contact : Stephanie Rohrer-Scuderi
Address : 21804 Woodfield Road Gaithersburg, MD , 20882

Certifications : N/A.

Description : At Fox Hollow Farm, sharing our love of farming with our neighbors and guests is our passion. We offer lamb, goat (chevon) and eggs. We strive daily to create a peaceful and harmonious environment that our friends, animals and plants can thrive in. Our farm is completely natural. We are not yet organic but we do not feed our animals growth hormones or feeds that are supplemented in any way. 301-330-0165 or 301-219-9629

Clark's Farm

Products : Beef, Pork, Vegetables

Contact : Nora Crist
Address : 10500 Clarksville Pike, Ellicott City, MD, , 21042

Certifications : N/A.

Description : Clark\'s Farm offers 100% grass-fed beef and pastured pork grown on our farm in the heart of Howard County. We also raise and sell all-natural vegetables, fresh herbs, and cut flowers. 443-741-2412

Cabin Creek Heritage Farm

Products : Chicken, Eggs, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Turkey, Vegetables, Wild Foods, Fruit and Nuts

Contact : Doug Hill
Address : 18235 Clagett Landing Road Upper Marlboro, MD , 20774

Certifications : N/A.

Description : Cabin Creek Heritage Farm is a family owned and operated farm, committed to producing highly nutritional products using sustainable, synergistic, and environmentally friendly production methods. We follow natural sustainable farming practices (including rotational grazing). Grazing on open pasture helps with the general health of the animals: they get to exercise and play, absorb sunshine, and breathe fresh air. 301-520-2116

Karl's Farm

Products : Eggs, Vegetables

Contact : Paula Wiegand
Address : 5550 Stuckey Road, Pisgah, MD, 233, 20640

Certifications : N/A.

Description : Karl's Farm is a small 1st generation farm owned and operated by farmers Karl and Paula who are committed to feeding and building the soil in order to grow vegetables and feed families. Karl\\\'s Farm\\\'s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program began in 2004 with a few friends and now delivers to families all over Washington DC. Karl and Paula make the deliveries themselves to keep the community in CSA and to ensure that busy people can still know their farmers. 3017437941

Day Spring Farm

Products : Chicken, Eggs, Beef, Dairy, Pork, Lamb, Vegetables, Wild Foods

Contact : Jessica Baker
Address : 21388 Steptoe Hill Road Middleburg, VA , 20117

Certifications : N/A.

Description : Our goal for Day Spring Farm is the same as farmers from hundreds of years ago. To humanely raise the finest animals that produce the most delicious meat and then provide that meat locally to friends and neighbors. To raise the highest quality meat it means it must be pasture-fed, and chemical free from birth to butcher. The animals are raised on pasture, walking over acres of land, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, foraging naturally like animals were created to do. That means no growth hormones, stimulants, GMO’s or antibiotics – just the way God designed the animals. All of our animals are cared for this way and will be as long as we’re farming. If you’re interested in visiting to see first-hand how we care for our animals, we offer tours and are happy to show you our farm. 540-687-6036

Open Book Farm

Products : Chicken, Eggs, Pork, Turkey, Vegetables, Wild Foods, Fruit and Nuts,

Contact : Mary Kathryn and Andrew Barnet
Address : 10430 Rum Springs Road Myersville, MD , 21773

Certifications : N/A.

Description : Open Book Farm is a small, diversified livestock and vegetable farm nestled in the Catoctin mountains northwest of Frederick, MD. We offer real grass-fed pork, chicken, turkey, and eggs, as well as a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and small fruits. 240-457-2558

Chilly Hollow Farm

Products : Vegetables, Fruit and Nuts

Contact : Justin Carrasco
Address : 345 Chilly Hollow Rd, Berryville VA, Berryville, VA, 233, 22611

Certifications : N/A.

Description : Chemical Free veggies and some fruits grown on a small family farm. Local, and very small business


Whitmore Farm

Products : Chicken, Lamb, Goat, Turkey, Vegetables,

Contact : Will Morrow
Address : 10720 Dern Road Emmitsburg, MD, 21727

Certifications : N/A.

Description : Whitmore Farm specializes in pasture-raised, heritage breed chickens, turkeys, sheep and goats. Our animals spend their time on pasture and produce high-quality products which can be bought on-farm and at farmers markets in the Metropolitan D.C./Baltimore area.



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