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IV Therapy Can Help With Energy and Immunity

Posted by admin on Tue, Oct 03, 2017


Many people remember the days when intravenous (IV) therapies were used only for medications and around surgery. Now, IV's are tailored to the individual needs of the patient, and we can give IV fluids and nutrients for everything from hangover recovery (yes, really) to cancer support.

IV therapy delivers nutrients directly to the bloodstream where they can be absorbed quickly and effectively.

Myers cocktail is probably the best known nutritional IV and can be used in many situations such as fatigue, illness prevention after exposure to germs, recovery from surgery, hangovers, immune support, upper respiratory infection, and more.

IVs for Infection or Chronic Illness

IV therapy can be especially helpful for acute infection or chronic illness such as Lyme Disease or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and for those who may not absorb supplements well when taken orally.

Other supportive IV's  include:

High dose Vitamin C IV for infection and cancer support

Major Auto Hemotherapy (ozone) IV which oxygenates tissue and drives energy production

Alpha lipoic acid IV, an anti-oxidant used in cancer support, liver support and detoxification

Glutathione IV, a master anti-oxidant which helps protect the cells of the body from damage by free radicals

IVs for Immune Support and Prevention

How can you be sure you are absorbing the contents of the many supplements taken orally every day?  There is only so much the gut can absorb- so it is common that a fair amount of the supplements taken are excreted and wasted. IV nutrients and therapeutic substances get directly into the bloodstream and go to work right away.  They are a great choice for acute and chronic disease support and a great choice for maintaining health.

One of the advantages of having an on-site lab is that I can order IVs for my patients and they can feel better more quickly.  I make sure to get a Myers cocktail IV before every airplane flight. It helps protect me from germ-filled airplane nastiness, and with the energy demands of traveling. IVs can be a great prevention tool!

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