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Resilience- The Art of Calming the Emotional Brain and Overcoming Trauma & Illness

Posted by Kuno Bachbauer LMFT on Thu, Jun 13, 2019

brain health Please join us for an enlightening Mini-Workshop on Understanding the Connection between the Mind, Body and Emotions.

TITLE: The Art of Calming the Emotional Brain and Overcoming Trauma & Illness

DATE:  June 25, 2019

TIME:  6:30-7:45 pm

PLACE:  National Integrated Health Associates

COST: Free

PRESENTER:  Kuno Bachbauer, LMFT, Dr. med.


This event has ended.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to calm your emotional brain?

This upcoming workshop will explain WHAT YOU CAN DO TO PREVENT FUTURE ILLNESS and how YOU CAN INFLUENCE THE HEALING PROCESS by understanding and correctly processing your childhood story and overcoming current life conflicts.

The main objective for the last class was an understanding of the connection between the “Adverse Childhood Experiences” (see previous article) and a statistical increase of chronic illness, addiction, and mental health issues later in one’s life.  

We discussed the “ACE’s score” which measures the STRESS that happens when “bad things happened to good children.” The ACEs score is not prognostic but statistical.

It means that if we understand the basic connection between childhood adversity and later illness…then we will be able to ADAPT and MODIFY OUR HEALTH OUTCOMES. We can influence the outcome by modifying our own lifestyle, undergoing trauma release work, and increasing our aptitude for self-awareness.

The scientific background for this ability is called “Epigenetics” and “Neuroplasticity” and we will explore a basic understanding of these two powerful concepts:

  • Epigenetics explains how we can influence our genetics by changing our lifestyle and our thinking and perceptions.
  • Neuroplasticity explains how we can overcome bad experiences by healing old wounds and establishing new, more functional mental and emotional patterns. Think of it as a “reboot” for the brain, which works a little like an upgrade for a computer.

Please JOIN us to learn about RESILIENCE- the ability to stay calm, balanced and responsive in “adverse situations.”

This is a necessary skill for overcoming any form of trauma and will give you a basic understanding for how you can CONSCIOUSLY RECREATE and SHAPE your life.  

Obviously, this class will be only a first glimpse of understanding! It is meant as an invitation to an exciting, conscious, life changing process, and a life-long “healing journey”.

I look forward to seeing you! Kuno Bachbauer LMFT


This event has ended. Please see the website for current classes.


Kuno Bachbauer holistic therapist Wash DCKuno Bachbauer, LMFT, Dr. med. (Austria),  has a life-long interest in personal growth, mind-body medicine, and understanding the neuro-biology of emotion and spiritual transformation.  He practices Core Energetics at CoreConstellations Center in Rockville, MD., has a counseling office at NIHA, and teaches internationally.



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