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What is a Wellness Coach?

Posted by NIHA Staff on Tue, Nov 22, 2016

istock_balancing_stones.jpgFirst off, let me say that wellness coach and health coach are not necessarily interchangeable. One can be well and in less than optimal health and one can be healthy and yet unwell. Health can certainly be part of wellness but there can also be many other areas that may need attention to be truly “well”.

Wellness is a relative term where a person maximizes their potential in all aspects of their lives. This maximization comes from self assessment and self awareness of areas that are opportunities for learning and growth. Often times we pursue a particular goal with abandon and tend to neglect other aspects of our lives in the process. Wellness coaching can help maintain a more balanced approach.

The Wellness Coach is a Partner

The great thing about wellness coaching is that it is client driven. The client chooses the areas that they want to work on, and the coach helps them to strategize and develop a plan that is based on their own unique values, strengths, experiences and vision of their future.

Every goal is then measured by the S.M.A.R.T template:

S: is the goal Specific enough?

M: can progress be Measured?

A: is the goal Attainable?

R: is the goal Realistic?

T: can a clear Timeline be established?

If these criteria are met then change for the better is possible. A wellness coach will partner with you as a mentor, a teacher, a cheerleader and as someone that will hold you accountable for striving towards your chosen goals. Your coach will help create awareness of the learning that comes from successful and less than successful attempts at change and help you use the new found knowledge of yourself in productive ways.

Lasting change takes time and effort. We must be willing to say goodbye to things that hold us back and have the courage to say hello to new things that can move us forward. New things such as better health, more stable relationships, spiritual growth, personal growth, career growth, improved family relations and many other areas can be successfully developed through wellness coaching.

You are the captain of your ship and the wellness coach is your navigator.  

Where do you want to go?