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Ceramic Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth are Critical for Aesthetics and Health

Posted by Robert Johnson on Mon, Dec 05, 2016

Dental Implants:  An Important Developmentceramic_dental_implants in Wash DC

Teeth are critical for overall health, not just for aesthetics.   Teeth structure and alignment affect the nervous system, digestive system, immune system, structural alignment and so much more.

Teeth can be lost due to infection, decay, accident, orthodontics, a disrupted bite or even for aesthetic reasons.

Missing teeth that are not replaced can  negatively affect the overall bite, which in turn can affect structural alignment of the jaw and even our sleep.  Without replacing the missing tooth the neighboring teeth will move into that space, altering the way your teeth come together. That altered bite can change jaw alignment, blood flow to the brain as well as alter the nervous system function of the head and neck. Most of these missing teeth should be replaced to restore the bite for long term health and body  alignment.

Many clients incorrectly feel that a missing posterior tooth does not need replacement.   Although missing posterior teeth generally don’t have the immediate aesthetic need to be replaced, it is critical to replace missing posterior teeth for the same reasons noted, with the exception of wisdom teeth.

Dental Implants -Ceramic Implants v. Titanium Implants

Bridges and partial dentures for tooth replacement have many restrictions and limitations. What we are finding is that where possible,  ceramic dental implants have become the replacement of choice for missing teeth for both anterior and posterior.

Ceramic dental  implants save the adjacent  teeth, are FDA approved,  are durable and amazingly natural looking when compared to the alternatives.

The initial concern about dental implants was the use of titanium metal for the implants.  There were aesthetic concerns to the metal, but the biggest concern was using titanium metal to implant in the jaw.  Titanium may interact with other metals in the mouth and negatively affect  the nervous and immune systems.

The biological dental department at NIHA has solved the titanium implant problem by using high tech, highly researched ceramic implants.  Ceramic (zirconium) implants are healthier for the immune system, the entire mouth and the nervous system.  Additionally,  they are much more natural looking and aestheticly pleasing than the older titanium implants.

Few dental offices are able to use these ceramic dental implants.   The dental department at NIHA has developed the expertise and reputation for delivering high quality, state-of-the-art ceramic implants with obvious health and aesthetic benefits.

It you want long term, quality tooth replacement which does not challenge your health- please contact us to explore the option of ceramic dental implants.

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