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Why I Love Being a Colon Hydrotherapist

Posted by admin on Tue, Nov 19, 2013

First, All Colon Hydrotherapy Jokes Aside... 

Patients ask me all the time, “Sharon, why do you do THIS?  How did you get into THIS? ” 

I always know THIS means COLON HYDROTHERAPY.  Patients wonder why I’m so excited and intrigued by, as one patient says, “watching people poop all day.”  One patient lovingly calls me the “Poop Lady.”   When people ask my 40 year-old daughter what I do for a living her response is, “my Mom helps people get the mess out of their lives.”  Yes, she’s a comedienne; the woman definitely has jokes.    Needless to say, my chosen career is the butt of many jokes (pun intended)!

On the serious side, my answer is always two-fold:  First, I became a colon hydrotherapist because I help people get well.  I always am amazed how the simple act of relieving the human body of its toxic waste through the colon makes such a difference in my patients’ overall health.  Sometimes, they see immediate results.  Patients report feeling “better” after their first session.  Some say they feel “lighter.”  Because most of us are dehydrated inside, the simple act of hydrating the body through colon hydrotherapy helps patients to feel “better.”  Their cells and organs are no longer screaming for water.   Also, the average person carries around five to 25 extra pounds of fecal matter on a daily basis and don’t even give it a thought.  Colon hydrotherapy helps this problem by allowing the body to release those extra toxic pounds.  You’d be amazed at what flows through the view tube.  Yes, you can see what comes out of your body during a colon hydrotherapy session.  Although I am not allowed to diagnose, we can learn a lot about what is going on in a patient’s body based on what is coming out.  Naturally, they feel better and lighter after a colonic.   Over time and with a consistent treatment schedule, I have noticed, patients’ temperaments change.  Why is this?  Most of us are constipated; constipation can cause irritability.  I have said time and time again, if you are not having one meal in and the waste from one meal coming out, you probably are constipated.   The question then becomes where the unreleased waste from all those other meals is going.

Second, Constipation is a Big Health Issue

Second, I became a colon hydrotherapist because I personally understand what chronic constipation can do to harm your health and your overall wellbeing.  I’ll share something very personal with you.  I am a person who suffered severe constipation all her life.  My mother was constipated.  It seems constipation was an ongoing problem with most of the women in my family.  Being a person who loves the idea of healing my body naturally, I began to research ways to heal constipation naturally.  Colon hydrotherapy came highly recommended as a way to get immediate relief from constipation.  I needed immediate relief because I was miserable.  I felt the benefits of this treatment, decided I could make my small contribution to healing the world by helping to relieve folks from constipation.  The rest is history.

I now understand why babies smile after they’ve had a good bowel movement.  Let me help return the smile to your face with a few colon hydrotherapy sessions.  Feel free to call me at (202) 237-7000. I’d be happy to help you understand how colon hydrotherapy may help you feel better.



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