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What Can Digestive Enzymes Do for You?

Posted by Lisa Wilson CHC on Wed, Oct 09, 2013

Did you know that according to TIME magazine, 97% of Americans can not remember the last time they ate a salad?
As we age, typically, our bodies produce 13% fewer enzymes than the decade before. Yikes!!

Sort of explains why we are enzyme deficient, right?

Your body has many types of digestive enzymes. RAW food is abundant in digestive enzymes.

Enzymes help break the food down so we can actually use the nutrients in the food.

This photo is a digestive enzyme experiment:

Bowl on left: straight up cooked oatmeal

Top bowl: oatmeal with 4 (RFI brand) digestive enzymes added to it

Red bowl: juice plus reds, from whole foods & natural digestive enzymes

Green bowl: juice plus greens, from whole foods & natural digestive enzymes

You can see how the oatmeal bowls with digestive enzymes have turned to liquid. In other words, these plant based digestive enzymes have broken down the food, to get access to the nutrients.

For people starting to eat more raw foods who have trouble digesting it, it likely is necessary to take digestive enzymes during the transitional stages to avoid bloating & discomfort. 

Digestive enzymes help break down the food and absorb all those beautiful nutrients! As we age we lose digestive enzymes, but taking them before meals works like a charm!


Lisa Wilson, CHC, is the Founder of The Raw Food Institute, an immersion program located in Simsbury, CT.

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