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Step Lightly In To the New Year!

Posted by admin on Tue, Dec 13, 2011


How many parties or holiday events are you attending this season?

Do you have a plan for what to do when you are faced with a plethora of sweet treats and drinks?

In the spirit of good health habits, here are some tips on navigating the holidays so you enter the new year without the guilt (and extra weight).

Parties and Events

-  Plan to ask for water first thing - there are so many ways in which we dehydrate ourselves from soda to alcohol, so water is an excellent way to start the evening.

-  Eat a small snack before you go out to a party or event to prevent over indulging (and make sure you have these healthy snacks at home). Avocado, thin slices of turkey or chicken, and nuts are good choices.

-  Look over the buffet table before it’s your turn to grab a plate; see what is being offered so that you know what you will put on your plate.

-  Small plates are better than large if you have a choice.

-  Look for vegetables, green salad and protein and fill your plate- have those occupy the most space on your plate.

-  If anything else looks good, use it like a condiment - a little taste - that way you won't be depriving yourself and you’ll be making smarter choices.

-  If dessert is on the menu, share it with a friend or a spouse!

-  An honest question to ask yourself throughout the night: is this decision (re: food, seconds, thirds, more drinks) a good idea?

Manage Holiday Cheer, and Alcohol

-  if you are having alcohol, there are tips to follow for calories and for keeping a clear head:

          1. Consider a wine spritzer, champagne or dry wines, not sweet wines, to cut calories in half.

          2. For every wine or cocktail you consume- have a glass of club soda or water in between.

- Consider mock tails, tonic and lime, sparkling cider or sparkling waters that are festive but low in calories.


When are we tempted to eat on the run? When we’re tired and hungry!

Shop early in the day- after breakfast is a great plan.

Late afternoon shopping, after work, is probably the worst time to shop, UNLESS you have eaten something beforehand.

Make plans to take a day off and shop or go early on a Saturday or Sunday before it gets so crowded. After dinner shopping is another option to keep the crowds and stress levels down.

Whenever you do go, make sure that your stomach is satisfied before you walk out the door.

And remember that if you stop for coffee, get a coffee - not a dessert!  Starbuck’s #1 selling holiday drink is the Peppermint Mocha, weighing in at 470 calories for a 16 oz. cup! 

Work in Some Exercise

Park at the far end of the mall to get some extra walking in!

Play with the children outside, take them skating, explore the parks in your neighborhood, or try a walk around a new block.

The holidays are a great time to slow down and enjoy the simple things that bring us together.




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