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Omega 3's, Essential Fatty Acids and Detoxification

Posted by admin on Wed, Sep 14, 2011

Mark McClure DDS


Incorporating fish oils or Krill oil as a supplement into your detox strategies is important. Membrane rehabilitation with essential fatty acids is an essential part of a good neurotoxin detoxification.

Essential fatty acids are required in all functions of the liver including detox, all cellular membranes, which is where the majority of cellular reactions occur, and nerve and brain tissue repairs. Omega 3 fatty acids are for detox, brain food, and more. Our modern diets are woefully inadequate in these important fats!

However, suspect that all fish oils (and Krill oil) may contain some mercury; therefore to prevent mercury contamination during detoxification, take these important omega fats with chlorella. You will have the benefit of these essential nutrients for supporting your neurotoxin detox and healing the damage- while binding the mercury in the gut.

Essential fatty acids, chlorella, freeze dried garlic and cilantro are natural detoxification foods and are the basis of a neuro-detox program.

For more on the process of Natural Detoxification please see Detoxification.

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