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What is Subtle Energy and How Does it Affect My Body?

Posted by NIHA Staff on Mon, Sep 14, 2015

You are already an expert in subtle energy, but you probably do not yet know it.dancer_Dollarphotoclub_72315243

Have you ever attended a ball game or sporting event and “felt the excitement in the air?”

Most people have felt that feeling of excitement in the air somewhere. Interestingly, no one had to tell you that what you were feeling was “excitement,” because the energy itself sends the message, and you are intuitively programmed to feel it and to know what that it is “excitement in the air.”

Have you ever been in a room, perhaps at a meeting, in which the tension was so thick, that as the very old saying goes, “You could have cut the tension with a knife?” No one had to tell you that this was tension that you were feeling. No one had to explain the difference between how excitement feels and how tension feels. You just knew it, and could feel it in your body.

Have you ever experienced someone standing in front of you who was so angry, you could literally feel the anger coming from them? Most people have also experienced this feeling of the subtle energy of anger, and again, no one has to explain to anyone “Hey, guess what: this is anger energy – watch out!” The subtle energy of anger (not so subtle, perhaps) actually sends a message that we understand intuitively is anger, and we know to be cautious.

Can you feel the love?

I hope you have also felt the energy of love, both coming from someone else, and coming from yourself. Again, love has a subtle energy component to it that we can feel, and this energy feels really good to us.

You see, you are an expert in subtle energy!

All human emotional states have a subtle energy to them. Fear does as well, which is why dogs can tell when people are afraid – they literally feel people’s subtle energy of fear. When we feel fear, we generally do not feel very good, nor very happy, nor very loved or loving. In fact, fear generally makes us feel pretty negative.   (Some people may associate fear with excitement as in an adrenaline rush, but this generally happens in the context of entertainment and thrill-seeking.)

If you think about how you feel in each of the above examples of subtle energy, you will notice that these subtle energies literally do affect your body. Excitement and love make you feel good, both emotionally and physically. On the other hand, fear, tension, and anger tend to make us feel bad, negative, emotionally and physically drained, and so on.

In other words, these subtle energies which coincide with human emotions literally affect how we feel, both emotionally and physically. Some subtle energies truly drain and deplete our own stores of positive energy. Other subtle energies like love and excitement literally make us feel more energized, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Hope is another emotional state that has a very positive subtle energy to it, so when we feel hopeful, we literally do feel as though a happy ray of sunshine has touched us. Hope brings a very healing form of subtle energy to us, whether as individuals, or in a group of people who experience a hopeful situation together.

Again, you may have experienced this collective feeling at a ball game where all of a sudden, your team comes from behind and it looks as though you might win – everyone rooting for your team shifts the energy as they feel hope!

How to shift to positive energy and well-being 

One reason that meditation often helps people emotionally and physically is that meditation tends to shift our subtle energies from negative to more positive and peaceful. People who gather for religious forms of worship or group meditations often feel an individual or even collective shift in subtle energy, increasing peacefulness and hopefulness as well.

You may have noticed by now that these different subtle energies literally have an impact on your body. When we feel happy, our whole bodies feel more energized. When we feel sad or depressed, we are more likely to feel more pain or worse symptoms of illness.

This correlation between our emotional feelings and our physical sensations of health, pain, or illness are directly impacted by our own subtle energy.

If we would like to change how we feel physically, we need to shift how we are thinking. We can literally choose happier, healthier, and more positive beliefs and thoughts in order to shift our own energy state. Choosing happy thoughts and hopeful beliefs as well as opening ourselves up to loving and being loved are essential for our physical well-being.

Coaching and Reiki for Energetic Healing

We can help us learn to choose happier thoughts and beliefs when we are struggling to do that on our own. Often times, we are unable to recognize our own negative assumptions and self-limiting beliefs. Life coaching helps us choose our deepest, most prized values and beliefs that resonate with our greatest potential in life. Making these choices can literally improve our health.

Energetic healing is also a form of subtle energy. Energy healing,  or Reiki,  fills us with positive healing energies like hope, peacefulness, comfort, and love. In order to help us keep our own selves in a most positive energy state, regular energetic healing is recommended.

With energy healing, your own energy can be transformed from stressed to relaxed, from depressed to hopeful, from negative and fearful to positive and loving. Energetic healing helps you receive the most positive energy you need for your overall wellbeing.

What could feel more positive than a great big dose of love and peace and comfort and hope?


author Carol Richardson


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