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Could Cholesterol be too Low?

Posted by on Sat, Nov 20, 2010

by Tracy Freeman MD

Many Americans are preoccupied with high cholesterol.  But, are you aware that cholesterol can actually be too low? 

Unfortunately, this diagnostic clue is often overlooked.  A low cholesterol can signify many issues including hyperthyroidism, liver disease, manganese deficiecy, malabsorption, or malnutrition.   A total cholesterol less than 160 has been associated with depression and anxiety, while less than 150 has been linked to strokes.  In hospitalized patients, a cholesterol less than 100 is linked to an increased risk of death.  Without proper cholesterol, you can't make vitamin D.  Furthermore, a person with a low cholesterol is more likely to have aggressive behavior, violent death, or suicide. 

Can you just eat your way to a normal cholesterol? Not necessarily.  Perhaps a liver and/or nutritional evaluation is in order among other examinations.  So, if you are concerned with low cholesterol, I recommend you see a physician to undergo a work-up.  

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