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Holistic Nutrition, how to stop sugar cravings: 3 MUST DO steps

Posted by on Mon, Jul 26, 2010

Oftentimes, when I have clients that are looking for strategies to stop sugar cravings, I realize that they’re looking for some “magical tip or trick”.  They want to hear that some fascinating new berry was discovered deep in the Amazon rain forest that promises to stop sugar cravings the instant it’s ingested.

In their mind, the sugar cravings become the enemy and they’re looking for the silver bullet that will strike those pesky cravings dead in their tracks.

But allow me for a moment to attempt to shift your perception.

What if those annoying cravings were actually a GOOD thing?

What if they were sent as messengers?  (No, not messengers telling you to pig-out on donuts, but messengers to let you know your body needs something in order to be healthy, lose those extra pounds, and rev up your energy.)

What if, instead of sabotaging your health and weight loss efforts, they were sent to enhance your efforts to get fit and slim down?

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