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6 Reasons Why Americans Should Consider Medical Tourism

Posted by on Thu, Jan 24, 2019

Are you worried about not having the money to pay for a medical treatment or surgical procedure?

Or, are you anxious because the medical procedure you have scheduled for next month will eat up a large chunk of your savings for retirement?

If you answered yes, then you may want to explore an alternative to receiving costly treatments in the United States: Medical Tourism. Medical tourism refers to people traveling from one country to another to obtain medical treatment or fulfill a medical need at a more affordable, specialized or reputable treatment center. You may have heard that U.S. Sen. Rand Paul is scheduled this week to have "non-mesh hernia repair" surgery  in a private Canadian hospital world-renowned for the procedure. Why would Sen. Paul travel to Canada for medical treatment?

The Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Receiving Medical Treatment Abroad:

Cost Savings of Medical Tourism

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