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The Integrative Cancer Program at NIHA

Posted by Robert Johnson on Wed, Dec 16, 2015

According to National Cancer Institute: alternative cancer treatment

1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer in their lifetime.

It is not surprising that cancer rates are rising to over 40% of the population given:

  1. The exploding levels of environmental toxicity
  2. Steadily increasing stresses
  3. Unhealthy life styles
  4. Critically deficient or imbalanced nutrients in our foods

The Cancer Program at NIHA addresses these new realities of this rising epidemic. Our program includes cancer prevention, enhancing the body’s immune, detoxification and biochemical systems for internal cancer resolution, direct cancer treatment and revitalization of the body after any chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Our patient focused (versus cancer or tumor focused) cancer program strengthens the ability of the true healer, our body, as the first level of treatment.   A stronger, more vital body is the best defense to prevent or resolve cancer.  This differs from traditional cancer therapy which focuses on killing the cancer cells with large doses of chemo therapy.

Low Dose Fractionated Chemotherapy

There are cancer patients who will need an additional cancer therapy to directly fight their cancer. These patients include:

  1. Stage 3 and 4 cancer diagnosis which has metastasized
  2. People whose immune systems cannot sufficiently resolve their cancer
  3. People who have decided they need or want chemotherapy but who want to avoid the devastating side effects of conventional chemotherapy and radiation
  4. People who want an improved quality of life after their cancer is resolved

For these people we offer “cancer targeted” (fractionated) insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) , a low dose targeted chemotherapy.  IPT selectively opens cancer cell membranes, not healthy cells, with insulin. A low dose of chemotherapy (approximately 10%) is then administered. This low dose fractionated chemotherapy selectively kills the cancer cells including metastasized cancer cells in other parts of the body, leaving your healthy cells relatively unaffected.

The combination of immune enhancement, detoxification, and life style improvement in conjunction with IPT (when appropriate) is not only effective at treating cancer but results in an enhanced quality of life once the cancer is resolved.

For those who do not presently have cancer, have a life style conducive to developing cancer (e.g. smoking, poor diet) or may have a genetic proclivity to develop cancer our cancer prevention program is strongly advised.   Prevention of any illness, especially cancer- is far better than treatment once the disease has manifested.

Call 202-237-7000 to speak to a patient coordinator about our unique, effective, patient friendly Cancer Program at NIHA, or to become a patient, or click to learn more.

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