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Same Day Dental Crowns are an Excellent Option

Posted by NIHA Staff on Mon, Nov 14, 2016

teeth2-1.jpgOver a year ago, the Biological Dental Group at NIHA embarked on new dimension in dental services: the same day dental crown/onlay.

The technology and advantages to our patients and the quality control has been nothing short of fantastic.

For the first time, dentists can have total control over the quality of the lab work for the restoration process. That means precision in the design of the crown to the under 10 micron level. This level of precision has not been achievable in the past by dental lab transfer or the old way of making crowns and onlays.

More importantly, the whole process is done on site while the patient waits, and the result is a durable, high quality and attractive ceramic crown.

The Cerec Same Day Crown Process

The crown is digitally impressed with the most accurate camera, then designed using a 3 dimensional computer image, adjusted and analyzed, and adjusted as needed. At this stage the impression and crown can be viewed at 10-20 X the actual size, showing details that one could not achieve without magnification. Once all the details are approved, the 3-D printer mills the crown from a piece of porcelain. This is all done in our office, and the accuracy is under 6 microns – unheard of in dental technology.

Now let’s talk about the porcelain. All other porcelain has a high degree of aluminum. Many of our patients wish to minimize their toxic exposure and recognize that aluminum is now unhealthy. The crown or onlay porcelain we use is E-Max, which is a lithium di-oxide porcelain with an incredible natural appearance. In addition, it wears like tooth material, not aluminum di-oxide porcelain that is much harder.

There is another advantage to using the same day crown  system. We are able to critique our work every time immediately after we do it. If it is not to our standards, the tooth is modified or the impression is retaken. In this manner our internal quality control is superb.

Advantages of a Same Day Crown for the Dental Patient

A same day crown offers many advantages to the patient.  If appropriate for your needs, a same day crown is more convenient and minimizes time spent in the dental chair. Now we can get you numb, do the work, and in most cases in 1 ½ hours have the completed crown for bonding and cementation. That means no temporary crown, no follow-up appointment in 1-2 weeks, no getting numb again. The restoration is durable and attractive. Patients appreciate the quality, aesthetics, bonding strengths and convenience of the same day crown. 

In summary, we love being able to make same day crowns and having total control over the quality of our crowns and aesthetic dentistry- and we have had a great response from patients.

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