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NIHA Biological Dentists to Participate in Holistic Oral Health Summit

Posted by admin on Mon, Sep 21, 2015

NIHA dentists Mark McClure DDS and Lowell Weiner DDS will speak at the Sept. 29- Oct. 5, 2015 Holistic Oral Health Summit, a free online event. 

A summit of 34 health experts will show you the best ways to improve oral health, prevent and reverse disease symptoms, and gain a better understanding of the connection between the health of the mouth and the overall health of the body.


HolisticOralHealth_Headshot_Mcclure-1 HolisticOralHealth_Headshot_Weiner

Did you know?

80% of disease symptoms may be caused by problems in the mouth?

Mercury is a powerful toxin

Bacteria in the mouth can contribute to heart disease?

Maintaining optimal oral health is an important component of overall health, yet oral health is often overlooked as a health issue in conventional medicine.

Attend the free online Holistic Oral Health Summit! 

Sept. 28-Oct. 5, 2015 
Hear 34 health experts

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A free event Hosted by Jonathan Landsman of, an online independent resource for natural health and wellness. They offer articles, free live events, and audio and video content from top experts in the field of natural health.

The Holistic Oral Health Summit will cover:

  • Is Your Mouth Killing You?
  • Toxins and Bugs: The Dangers Lurking in the Mouth
  • Is It Wise to Keep Your Wisdom Teeth?
  • Dental Implant News: Warning and Solutions
  • Gum Disease: Signs and Symptoms
  • Plus, much more!
Attend and listen to the following experts:
- Ronald Hunninghake, MD, Vitamin C Therapy: Neutralizing Dental Toxins
- Amy Myers, MD, Autoimmune Disease: The Oral Health Connection
- Boyd Haley, PhD, Mercury Exposure: An Alzheimer's Disease Alert
- Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, The Roots of Heart Disease
And NIHA Dentists:

- Mark McClure, DDS, FAGD, Integrative Medical Dentistry: Treating the Neuro-immune System

- Lowell Weiner, DDS, FAGD, Why am I Still Sick: Overlooked Solutions Revealed

Register for the Holistic Oral Health Summit

Free online podcast September 28 - October 5, 2015!

Holistic dentistry for better overall health

Biological dentists respect that the mouth is an integral part of the entire body. They treat the whole person, not just the teeth and gums, with an emphasis on building overall health and well being.

Biological dentists use dental treatments and biocompatible mercury free materials that will not impact the rest of the body, or adversely affect a patient's immune system. If there is disease they will look for the underlying cause that may have its origin in the mouth.

More about NIHA's holistic dental approach