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My Big Fat Experiment: Fat Makes You Fat, Right?

Posted by Lisa Wilson CHC on Wed, May 27, 2015


Is it really possible to grow a 6 pack of abs and still eat butter? I had to find out.  

November 2013: I sat in my NYC hotel room looking into the mirror. I felt swollen in my jeans as my muffin-top was puffing out of them. It was actually difficult to zip them but I squeezed in anyway. It was time to start getting ready for a formal, black tie event. I was not feeling pretty. In my head I thought, "So I guess this is 45"...argh.
Early February, while hosting doctor day at the Raw Living Expo, in Los Angeles, I met a handful of physicians that looked amazing in their 50's and 60's. Re-inspired, I returned home with a new commitment to hit the gym for 3 full hours every single day. I was faithful to this for 3 months. Guess what? I got bigger, not better. I started to get some joint and back injuries too, due to my lack of recovery and over-exercising. I had to start seeing a chiropractor and I was now taking anti-inflammatory supplements such as MSM and bromelian. So that was lousy. I was no better off than before this experiment and had wasted a lot of time.
Plan #2: Abandon plan #1 and start incorporating healthy fats, including raw grass fed butter and ghee. Start Intermittent Fasting regularly and cut back on my exercise. I was skeptical of this plan, but kept going. My only regret is not taking photos of my puffy belly in the hotel room that night, because the results are difficult to believe.

My Healthy Fat Experiment

Early in my raw food journey, I was influenced by some experts to go low-fat, raw vegan. While that served me for awhile, I was unable to conquer outrageous sugar cravings, which showed up in my life as chocolate. Chocolate was like an addiction (seriously). In February, I was listening to some raw foodies discussing how they had added healthy fats to their diet. Fats such as MCT oils, avocado, grass fed butter and ghee. Because I always experiment on myself, I decided to try this for just 30 days.

Here is what happened:
-I had more energy
-I was easily able to do Intermittent Fasting, or IF
-I no longer felt like I needed a nap at 1pm
-My skin improved
-My cravings disappeared
-I realized I was not craving chocolate, but FAT
-I felt grounded
-I felt more balanced
-Oh…and I grew abs

I know! The last one was the most interesting claim they were making. Is it really possible to grow a 6 pack of abs, with butter? I've never had defined abs before--ever. Now, at age 45 and 3 babies later, I can actually see my abs. Amazing! Ok... They are not ripped abs, but any glimpse of abs at all after babies and age 40 is a delight.
It has now been 180 days and I have no intention of going back. There are occasions where it may be appropriate to be on a low fat/no fat diet, such as a cleanse or for a healing period. But for my daily life, this is great. What I know for sure is that the way I eat continues to evolve. I eat in a way that makes me happy and makes me feel the healthiest. I'm not saying this is right for you. I'm saying this is right for me and I believe in bio-individuality!

Learn More About Fat and Fat Blasting

What if I told you that half of what you've been told about healthy eating is pure nonsense?  You've been duped.  We've all been duped.

Since my personal fat experiment I've been studying the science behind WHY this works. Those of you who know me know that I love medical research. I also know that that fat around the middle is the bad fat. It is that dangerous visceral fat that hugs the internal organs.  Because toxins are stored in fat cells, when the fat wraps the organs, it pollutes the very organs that the fat surrounds. Another reason to find a way to rid the body of visceral fat.

You Need a Plan

I've been studying the science behind fats, and cutting edge sports and athletic techniques and translating this into a plan that is working for many. It is using your body’s own natural rhythm of  adrenalin, cortisol and ghrelin hormonal levels.

Learn Techniques That Are Cutting Edge and Effective

-Tapping into fat burning mode (There is only one thing to interrupt your body’s ability to burn fat as fuel in the morning and almost every American is making this mistake)

-Intermittent fasting

-Using your body’s own natural rhythm of  adrenalin, cortisol, and ghrelin hormonal levels

-WHEN to eat carbs and when NOT to eat carbs

-Using "tubers" to blast fat


-Balancing hormonal levels naturally

-Brain food--seriously activate your brain again

-3 Natural supplements you need for sculpting your body like the pro's for lean muscle mass 

-Burst training - what is it and how to make it work for you

-Learn when your body is naturally primed to burn fat as fuel, and how to activate that further

I've been teaching this class and people are literally begging me for more info.  This is the first time this class is offered in Washington, D.C. At age 46, and 3 babies later, I can see my abs for the 1st time ever!  I’ve been 40 lbs overweight, overcome my "incurable" Graves disease, gotten rid of my breast lumps and I’m bringing this to you. Meeting you where YOU are at.  You don’t have to be raw, or vegan to attend!  

Join me for a morning of true health, at National Integrated Health Associates



Lisa Wilson CHC, is the Founder and Director of The Raw Food Institute, which has won “Best Raw Vegan Retreat Center” and “Medical Awareness for Raw Foods”.



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