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Lymphatic Brushing for Breast Health

Posted by Tammy Leiner on Thu, Oct 13, 2016

October is Breast HEALTH Awareness month!female_menopause1.jpg

Many women are aware and being bombarded with the "Pinkness" of October.

Breast cancer this, breast cancer that... How about we look at it from a different perspective? Instead of focusing on Breast Cancer, how about we focus on Breast HEALTH?

Let's talk prevention. 

Have You Heard of Lymphatic Brushing?

Lymphatic brushing is a perfect example of a proactive technique for good breast health. Keeping the lymphatics moving and stimulated is a great tool for overall good health. If statistics show that 80% of all breast disease is found in the Upper Outer Quadrant of the breast and axilla region (i.e. the armpit area) - why aren't we taking better care of this?

Years of deodorant use and tight, wired bras that cut off circulation, lymph fluid and blood flow are not good for the breasts. Try this dry brushing technique just before showering. Using Lemongrass and grapefruit seed extract oils (with a carrier - such as fractionated coconut oil) after a shower will also stimulate the lymphatic system. Other preventatives include: Reducing or eliminating stimulants (sugar, soda, coffee, wine, alcohol, caffeine), following an alkaline diet and keeping the body moving with regular exercise.

Breast Thermography

Breast Thermography is a great way to check if you do, in fact, have lymph congestion. In October,  in recognition of breast health awareness month,  NIHA offers specials for the breast thermography and lymph screening for new patients.

Call 202-237-7000 to schedule a breast thermography, or use the form to request an appointment:

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In the meantime, get a nice lymph brush and be proactive with your breast health!

Check out this short video for a great visual of how to do lymph brushing:


Tammy_Leiner_web.jpgTammy Leiner is an Advanced Clinical Thermographer. She is the founder and owner of the Longevity Centers located within the five state Mid-Atlantic region and Washington D.C. She became interested in the digital infrared technology as a non-invasive approach to earlier detection and prevention of disease - which provides a window of opportunity for early intervention. Tammy is a passionate advocate of breast thermography for women who want a risk assessment tool for earlier detection and prevention that is less invasive from compression and/or harmful radiation. She believes women of all ages can benefit from annual breast thermal scans.

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