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Health Reboot Weekend: Health Information for Transformation

Posted by Dr. Mark McClure on Wed, Apr 26, 2023

One of the casualties of our Modern World lifestyles is the degradation of our health.  

We (as a group) are not getting healthier!  

Where are you now on the health spectrum? Are you moving toward sickness or health? 


No matter where you are, this Health Reboot weekend will give you critical information and start you thinking about how to reboot your health. 


Announcing the Health Reboot Weekend  

  • EVENT:  Health Reboot Weekend with Dr. Mark McClure  
  • DATE:  Saturday April 25, 2023, 9 AM-5PM and Sunday April 30, 9AM-3P
  • LOCATION:   National Integrated Health Associates 5225 Wisconsin Ave NW Suite 402 Washington, D.C, 20015
  • COST:  Limit 10, Cost for the weekend $400 including Detox for Life book and many more handouts for references on healthier living made easy.  
  • Future weekend dates and follow up groups to be announced 

Register by calling 202-237-7000 ext 103 or emailing


Why Health Knowledge is Important  

The internet and personal computers have enhanced all information available to us at any time. But can you trust the information being put out? How do we know if we are being manipulated into unnecessary confusion, fear, dependency on drugs or a certain way of doing something? Much of modern communication from the media is confusing, and may be purposefully manipulative to influence people, and that includes Health Information. This weekend is designed to help you to sort through the noise, and begin to think critically about your health.

Are you heading in the right direction concerning your health? The current grim health statistics indicate we are not! Currently 60% of adults suffer from a chronic disease and 40% of Americans suffer from 2 or more chronic conditions. This is not healthy! But worse is that 25% of our young people also have chronic health problems. What’s more, 7 out of 10 deaths in the U.S. are due to these chronic diseases. 

Question- as you grow older are you growing healthier? Are you moving towards wellness or is your health going in another direction? Please join us to take control of your health direction – first with important information, then action! This is a solution-based weekend with answers.   

Where are You on the Health Spectrum?   

According to Mark Aubrey (medical futurist) there are 3 levels of health management that are worth studying. Where are you on this health spectrum and where do you want to go? 

  • Medicine: where most go for acute health issues, to overcome the symptoms and put the body back together again. This is also the 1st stop where most Americans with chronic health issues go for help. But as we have seen, medicine may not always be equipped to handle them.  
  • Health: the next level of health management is when the doctor uses functional medicine, genomic medicine, biological dentistry, and neurobiological medicine to identify the functional problems and root causes. At this point the patient is not in acute crisis. Hopefully the symptoms are gone but there may be other health issues, functional imbalances, and neuroimmune dysfunctions to address. This is a time of the patient and doctor team being health detectives – figuring out what is wrong. This is also the time for the client to become very involved with their own health care - becoming an active part of the health team. Creating the understanding and creating healthy habits and starting to see the results.
  • Wellness: The final level of health management is the Wellness stage: This is the level of addressing the energetic imbalances and turning on the regenerative genes, leading to optimal health and wellbeing. At this stage the client is well educated, directed, and doing most of the work, taking responsibility for their own health state. The doctor is now an advisor, consultant, coach, and guide. At this stage the patient is accomplished in meditation and able to utilize the unified field to craft their own future, direct their own physical, emotional, relationships, and limiting beliefs issues. You are in control!  

The curriculum is open ended and handout materials will be provided for your references and holistic studies.  

Creating critical mass for the Integrative Medical Industry – NOW

  • Mark McClure, DDS, FAGD,  has been involved in practicing, organizing, developing, educating, and leading the transformation to New Medicine – Integrative Medical and Biological Dentistry for many years – working with the top minds in the new health industry.
  • As the provost emeritus of Capital University of Integrative Medicine 17- 25 years ago and a developer of a Comprehensive Integrative Medical Clinic in Washington DC, the movement to develop another model of Health and Healing was developed. The timing for rapid implementation NOW could not be better.
  • If the conventional medical industrial complex keeps the new movement divided, they maintain their monopoly of power. Critical mass means enough popular (and professional) support of success to overcome.
  • Models of this New Medicine, algorithms for professionals and their clients, and a new integrative medical industrial complex will be discussed, explaining the 4 essential components. Clarity is critical!
  • Thus, with a unified vision, creating a movement for the safety and success for all brave enough to follow their (God-given) passion - a system of better health care for less is obtainable.
  • Understand the wellness movement, and human health recovery and why our toxic modern world is in such a health peril – and needs our help.

“Dr. Mark McClure is one of the few doctors in the world that understands and practices the Integrative Medical model and has consistently applied it to those he has served with compassion and great talent” Dr. Dietrick Klinghardt MD, PhD (Sept. 2022) 


Join us for this valuable Health Weekend Reboot!

Register by calling 202-237-7000 ext 103 or emailing


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