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Fluoride: 70 Years of Health Misinformation?

Posted by Robert Johnson on Wed, Apr 01, 2015


Understanding the “Great Health Challenge” to which 75% of the U.S. population is exposed

The story of fluoride is one of obfuscation and conflicting agendas that ultimately show how detrimental fluoride may be to the consumers of fluoride.   In the U.S. and several other countries, fluoride is added to the water, foods, toothpaste,  and many other sources.

Fluoride is a significant toxin with many unhealthy consequences.   The reason 70% of the U.S. population is unfortunately consuming fluoride in their water and food is due to agendas which are in conflict with respectable scientific health studies of fluoride since the 1930’s.

Many advanced European countries and scientists in other disciplines cannot believe the U.S. fluoridates its water. Because they know the health damage inflicted by active water fluoridation, only about 3% of Europe fluoridates its water.

When you understand the truth behind fluoride research and the history of water fluoridation, you will want to consider your exposure to fluoride and perhaps rid the fluoride from your body.

History of Fluoridation

To fully understand the problems with fluoride it is imperative to learn the brief history of fluoridation and how it erroneously became the “darling” of organized dentistry.  The first significant study of fluoride worthy of acknowledgement was performed by Dr. Kaj Eli Roholm, a Danish scientist who studied workers in Greenland tasked with manufacturing munitions from cryolite (which contained high levels of fluoride) during World War I.

The exposure to fluoride caused crippling skeletal and joint problems, pulmonary fibrosis, nervous system and gastrointestinal dysfunction, all problems associated with fluoride.

Continued studies and observations of people and animals exposed to fluoride have confirmed Dr. Roholm’s conclusions. In WWII the use of fluoride in munitions became more important as fluoride became an indispensable ingredient of the atomic bomb construction. The workers, families, animals and crops downstream from the industrial sites working with fluoride were all negatively impacted and this jeopardized the production of the atomic bomb. Unfortunately,  the importance of atomic bomb development (Manhattan Project) was such that despite the obvious health problems resulting from the worker’s fluoride exposure the atomic bomb development could not be jeopardized.

In the early 1940’s, Dr. Harold Hodge was directed by the government to put a favorable spin on fluoride by creating several studies that artificially showed the benefits of water fluoridation while avoiding the mention of any health risks.   The fluoridated water not only negatively impacted drinking water but the crops also that were irrigated with the fluoridated water. These altered studies are used to this day to support the claims of supposed tooth decay reduction while neglecting to mention the health risks. Fluoridation proponents use these unsubstantiated studies to continue to support ongoing water fluoridation while pushing other communities to join the fluoridation ranks. Scientists throughout the world continue to speak out against the introduction of fluoride into people’s lives, often without their consent. 

Fluoride Studies

This is a small sampling of studies and observations supporting the concept that fluoride damages health:

  • Scientific American Study (2008)- Fluoride alters hormonal function especially in the thyroid
  • Harvard Study (2005)- Fluoride contributes to bone cancer in boys up to age 19
  • Chinese Study (2006)- Fluoride damages children’s liver and kidneys and should not be used with dialysis patients
  • Fluoride is an ingredient in Sarin nerve gas and Prozac
  • Harvard Study (2012)- Fluoride is associated with lowered IQ and their conclusion is that this issue needs “high research priority
  • In the 1950’s, fluoride was used as a prescription drug to reduce thyroid activity
  • Nuclear Medicine Communication (2012)-   Nuclear medicine study showed that fluoride calcified heart vessels, increasing the likelihood of a heart attack
  • Fluoride eats through metal and plastic pipes, corrodes stainless steel, dissolves rubber tires and concrete.   The pipes at public water fluoridation plants need replacing regularly due to the highly corrosive effects of fluoride.