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Erchonia laser for quick pain relief

Posted by NIHA Staff on Wed, Jun 24, 2009

By Scott Richards

Erchonia laser is an infrared, cold laser that is F.D.A. approved for pain and range of motion. Lance Armstrong has used the Erchonia Laser for peak performance during his seven year reign as Tour de France champion cycler. I have used the laser successfully in my practice for the past 3 years with a great deal of success.

The laser is commonly used for pain relief and decreasing inflammation from injuries of the neck, shoulder, knees and other common ailments. If used shortly after common strains or injuries (hematoma's) the effect of the laser is greatly enhanced in reducing inflammation and pain and minimizing normal recovery time.

I have been trained by a variety of chiropractors over the years including Lance Armstong's chiropractor, Jeff Spencer. By focusing the laser on three area's (cranial nerves, and upper and lower extremities) common pain relief can be enhanced in one to two appointments. Many patients have responded positively to the laser, and many times an increase in muscle strength is experienced in the first appointment. The laser is sometimes used in combination with muscle testing and patients know quickly whether the Erchonia Laser will be helpful in their recovery from injury.

I have recently used the laser to help treat a personal injury which resulted in a large hematoma on my left knee. When being treated for this injury, I was given a timeline of 6 weeks to three months recovery from this injury. Using the laser has helped speed up my recovery time and allowed me to get back to about 90% recovery within the 6 week timeframe.

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