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Conventional and Natural Treatment of Head Colds

Posted by Victoria Goldsten on Fri, Nov 28, 2014

During my nursing studies I learned that there were no medications to kill the viruses that homeopathy_inDCcaused the common head cold. Tylenol was recommended for the fever, aches, and pains and antihistamines for the runny nose.  Once the infection turned bacterial there was a treatment for that cause and then antibiotics were given. As a nurse I thought I was doing all that I could do at the time.

Natural Treatment and Homepathy for the Common Cold

Now that I have studied and personally used natural methods I have found a broad range of treatments for the common cold.  What I found was amazing and unbelievable.  It forever changed my path in health care.

The remedy treatments I am referring to are homeopathics, herbals, and therapeutic oils.  Although all not proven scientifically, through my years of study and treatment I have seen miraculous results.  The one remedy most important is the homeopathic viral nosode.  This  nosode homeopathic remedy is derived from a dead virus or viruses that has been repeatedly diluted and agitated in a water and medicinal alcohol solution. Based upon homeopathic theory this remedy stimulates the immune system to fight the virus in a similar way to a vaccine but it is harmless to the body. 

I have experienced thousands of clients' positive reactions to this remedy as well as myself, family members, and friends.  It was impossible to ignore the overwhelming positive results.  In addition to the viral nosode I found herbs, sublingual oligo liquid zinc, and therapeutic oils to be very beneficial. Many times I used them in conjunction with the viral nosode remedy to intensify the treatment.

Support the Immune System

I first assess and consult with a client to see which natural remedy will be appropriate for them.  Upon doing so I will explain the proper dosages and will also focus on cleansing the toxins produced by the cold.  Many times I support the liver or kidneys while using immune remedies for the virus.  I will also use bacterial nosodes when bacteria is involved.

If you are interested in further information regarding the natural treatment of the common cold, or homeopathy for other common ailments, please feel free to schedule an appointment at National Integrated Health Associates.



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