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My Top Holistic Nutrition Tip: Find a Local CSA

Posted by Dr. Mark McClure on Mon, Mar 31, 2014

Mark McClure DDS

How good is your food? freshandlocalCSA

Are you consuming real, nutritious food?

How convenient is it for you to find good, wholesome food?

How much importance do you place on quality food in your overall health?

How much are you willing to spend on quality food?

Well, high quality food is available, and you may even save some money too!

Why We Need To Question Food Quality

The American (and world) food supply has worsened drastically over the last 100 years. The USDA estimates that the mineral content of our foods is only 10% of what it was only a century ago. That is, we have lost 90% of the minerals that we get from food – no wonder that so many of us are mineral deficient. Modern agriculture, where foods are grown on soils that are depleted and then fertilized with only nutrients that make the fruit or vegetable grow big (nitrogen- phosphorous- potassium) but not nutritious -(with vitamins and minerals) is the primary culprit. But, we need nutrient dense, high quality food filled with minerals and enzymes to maintain our health.

Local CSA's Provide Quality

CSA’s, or Community Supported Agriculture, are one of the best methods I have found to start eating quality foods and Farmer Allan's farm  Fresh and Local CSA is not only organic but biodynamic. I have been an organic gardener since 1973. It has been a source of fun, relaxation and health for me and my family. The most important thing to me for healthy living is to eat the highest quality food and growing it is the reward. Even though I now live on a farm and am developing my soil and garden,  I am a proud member of Farmer Allan’s CSA. The food is just that delicious and I cannot grow enough myself to support my family’s needs.

A Word About Biodynamic Farming

Finally a word on Rudolf Steiner and biodynamic farming! Steiner is one of the recognized geniuses of the last century. He talks about the complex relationship between the soil, plants, soil microbes, the cycles of seasons and even subtle forces on plant health and nutrition. If the soil is healthy and the plants are healthy, the destructive insects do not invade. This has been the premise of Steiner’s contribution to farming. All organic farmers recognize that biodynamic farming is the ultimate in organic farming and fruit, vegetable and other farm foods nutrition. The convenience of bringing a biodynamic farm to me and the quality of food my family is eating for me is a "no brainer".  This is why I am a proud member of Farmer Allen’s Fresh and Local CSA  and I urge you to give it a try.   

Check out Farmer Allan's Fresh and Local CSA Farm, or find a CSA in your area, and experience the joy of fresh picked, high quality vegetables and fruits. Do it for your health.

*photo credit -Fresh and Local CSA, delicious and chemical free biodynamically grown strawberries


Dr. Mark_McClureDDSMark McClure DDS, FACG, is a biological dentist with a mercury-free,  holistic family dentistry practice at National Integrated Health Associates, (NIHA) an integrative medicine and dental center serving Washington D.C, Maryland and Virginia. Biological dentistry considers the impact of dentistry on the whole body and use biocompatible dental materials and techniques that work in conjunction with the body, encouraging it to heal naturally.

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