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Prediabetes is a Slippery Slope

Posted by NIHA Staff on Tue, Jan 28, 2014

I had a disturbing thought the other day while I was thinking about the slippery slope towards diabetes and it was this -- most people don’t even KNOW what their blood sugar is!

Can you be sure that you are not at risk for prediabetes without knowing your blood sugar level?

No, I don’t think you can.

Prediabetes May be the Start of Future Serious Health Problems

According to a recent article, nearly 80% of people with prediabetes thought that they were in great or very good health! That tells me that there is a lot of public education that needs to be done!! Prediabetes leads to full blown diabetes, which is associated with heart disease, heart attack, stroke, blindness and more. Click here to read the complete article -

If you are overweight..... you need to know your blood sugar level.

If you don’t get much need to know your blood sugar level.

If you are on blood pressure need to know your blood sugar level.

If you have stubborn belly fat or metabolic syndrome…you need to know your blood sugar level.

If you are Native American, African American , Hispanic or should know what your blood sugar level is.

Blood sugar is usually routinely ordered as part of your blood work when you go in for your yearly physical. Ask your doctor for a copy of your lab results - that way you can both track your numbers. Some offices may charge a copying fee but isn’t it worth it for your peace of mind?

79 million Americans have prediabetes and may not even know it according to the CDC.

Ignorance is NOT bliss in this case. Nobody wants to find out that their family member had prediabetes after his first fatal heart attack.

This is serious. PLEASE make it your business to find out what your blood sugar is and take action to lower it if need be. Prediabetes is considered to be 100-126 mg/dl and diabetes is considered to be 126 mg/dl and above. If your blood sugar is 95-100, please don’t wait until you are prediabetic to seek help.  You CAN Take Control of Your Blood Sugar and reverse the trajectory toward disease.

There is no reason that 79 million Americans should be prediabetic when help is available to REVERSE the condition.


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