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My Favorite Holiday Pomegranate Salad

Posted by Lisa Wilson CHC on Fri, Dec 20, 2013

My Favorite Holiday Salad!  And it is also the easiest salad I make all year long.


Bring this special holiday salad to your gatherings this year, and enjoy the compliments!  


Holiday Pomegranate and Fennel Salad Recipe


-1 or 2 fennel bulbs:  Slice the white bulb into long, thin slices.  Cut the thin green tops that look like dill off and set aside for garnish.

-2 purple onion:  Slice into long, thin slices.

-5 oranges:  Cut into long thin slices, or pinwheels and them quarter your pinwheels to make bite size pieces.

-4 pomegranates:  Peel and seed to toss into this salad.


Dressing:  Organic, cold pressed olive oil.

Adjust the amounts above to suit your palate and preferences.  


Crack some mineral salt, such as Celtic or Himalayan and pepper over this salad to enhance the flavor. Your guests will go crazy for this dish and enjoy the health benefits from the combination of foods.  


What Makes This Salad So Good

The antioxidant power of this salad is off the charts with this powerful combination of foods. Onions are incredible internal cleansers.  They are anti-viral and anti-microbial.  The rich color in the pomegranates offer an incredible antioxidant boost that will leave you energized and your cells singing for joy this holiday season.  They are one of the top foods you can eat for nutritional density on the ORAC scale. Of course, oranges are a wonderful natural source of vitamin C.  Fennel is in the Umbellefereae family and is related to parsley, carrots, coriander and dill.  All known to be good detoxifiers with the ability to eradicate free radicals.  It is a potent source of vitamin C and potassium.  




How to open a pomegranate, with ease~
With a serrated knife, cut your pomegranate into quarters.  Have 2 bowls on hand and be sure to be wearing an apron, or something you do not care about staining.  These seeds are squirters.  One bowl is your discard bowl and one is for your precious seeds.  Once you have 4 quarters, you can begin popping the seeds into your seed bowl.  This bowl should be fairly deep, to catch all the jumpers and splashers.  Eat plain, or enjoy as part of a meal or dessert. 



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