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Trains, Planes, Subways and Germs: Immunity Travel Tips

Posted by Lisa Wilson CHC on Wed, Nov 27, 2013


Let's face it: sniffling, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, body chills and a sore throat are just not an option while traveling.  It ruins the whole experience. What might have been one of the best memories of your life can turn out to be a major disaster.  Make your travel plans foolproof and ensure that you don’t get sick and ruin the trip.  It is not about the germs, though.  It is about the host: you.  So zip up, button up and boost your health with super immunity!

Here's how:

1.  Bring your all-natural, healthy first aid kit  -- see photo!
2.  Map out all of your healthy eating spots, before you leave, so it is a no-brainer once you are there.
3.  Fuel your body with freshly pressed green juice, every single day, for energy and super immunity.  
4.  I'll show you my favorite spots in both New York City and Minneapolis.

1.  The all-natural, healthy first aid kit
Essential oils, by Doterra.  If I could pack only one thing, this would be it!  Slim and Sassy.  I know,  I know. travel kit The name is deceiving.  This is, however, one of my favorite essential oil blends.  It is powerful!  Two drops under the tongue and you can feel invigorated.  It penetrates all cellular membranes.  It is both antimicrobial and antiviral.   It reaches internal tissues quickly.

NOTE:  Hold the drops under the tongue for one to two minutes.  The vapors alone are very powerful.  This gives them a chance to move into the sinus cavities.   When you place oils under the tongue, it will bypass the gut and move directly into the bloodstream for speedy delivery to your tissues, organs and cells.  Other great locations are the forearms and bottoms of the feet.  Transdermal delivery is one of the best delivery mechanisms for this natural and safe medicine.  Essential oils are very high on the O-R-A-C scale, a measure of antioxidants. They also deliver a very high vibrational frequency.  They are a part of my life every single day.  I breathe them in my vaporizer, I put them on my pillows for a relaxing night’s sleep, and I put them under my tongue and on my arms and feet to improve my immunity!  Other top pick travel options for oils:  oregano leaf, olive leaf, melaleuca and clove oils.

2.  Map out all of your healthy eating and drinking spots
Finding your new favorite eateries should be a pleasure and a joy.  Healthy food joints are popping up everywhere.  Ask around, look online and plan your meal stops before you leave.  Finding these places is always the highlight of my trip!

3.  Fuel your body with freshly pressed green juices

green juice2In most major metropolitan areas, juice bars are now everywhere. Pressing fruits and vegetables preserves the nutrient value in the juice. This means the juice stays fresh for 24 hours.  It also means there is no waiting for your juice!  Just walk in, grab, and go!  If you have a way to keep it cool, you can buy several to keep you fueled all day.  Be sure, though, to ask if it is organic.  A big bottle of pesticides should not be part of your morning routine.

4.  New York City and Minneapolis hot spots
New York juice bars:
Juice Generation - With locations all over Manhattan, there is no excuse to not have a juice in hand.
Juice Press - Inspiring combinations and endless flavors here.  Juice Press has nailed it!
Organic Avenue - I love the variety of raw snacks here. 
New York casual healthy eats:  
Hu Kitchen - My new favorite NY eatery!  Offers up quick food for all types of healthy eaters - vegans, vegetarians, raw foodists and even (grass fed, organic) meat lovers.  I have never seen healthy fast food done so well.  We went to check this place out because they sell so many of our Pashen Bars.  I had to know who they were!  The owners are young, hip and in touch with the pulse of what modern, healthy taste buds desire!
Le Pain Quotidien - My family loves this spot.  They also have many vegan, gluten-free and raw options!  It is so cozy; it almost feels like home.  We went there three times on this trip alone!  Great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  
Quintessence -  Stopped there for a quick lunch and we were more than impressed.  Love that all lunches come with a side salad and the green dressing served with the salad is delightful!  The raw pumpkin pie with the coconut cream was the perfect spicy dessert for a fall or winter day.   
New York upscale eats:  
Pure Food & Wine - If you want a beautiful, gourmet raw food meal, I highly recommend visiting Pure Food & Wine.  Ahhhh, date night?

Minneapolis juice bars:
Truce:  Love this little hot spot on the outskirts of uptown.  The Morning Greens is the best fresh pressed juice I have ever tasted.  If you are in Minneapolis, GO!
Minneapolis casual healthy eats:
Tao Natural Foods - For a quick lunch you can’t beat Tao Foods.  My favorite dish is the kale parsley salad, which has inspired me to try and recreate it in my own kitchen.  When in Minneapolis, we ate here every day. The owners are a lovely and super hip couple with young children.  
Ecopolitan - A truly raw experience, the Ecopolitan makes following a medicinal raw diet easy.  The smoothies are amazing as well.  The flavor combinations here are an extraordinary experience.  

Enjoy your travels, and stay healthy!

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