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Coconut Oil, a "Good" Fat

Posted by Lisa Wilson CHC on Mon, Nov 04, 2013

Is coconut oil an amazing "miracle food"?

Might coconut oil be the missing ingredient for people with heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer's, & other cognitive brain issues?

**One thing I have noticed in the years of working with thousand & thousands of people is the need for medium chain fatty acids.  Whenever I have a client with cognitive brain issues, the very 1st addition I suggest to be added to the diet, is COCONUT OIL!  These MCT's (medium chain  triglycerides) get the brain cells communicating.  So is this a great thing to add to your diet.

Included in this post:

1.  Watch how one physician reversed her husbands Alzheimer's:

Coconut Oil As an Alzheimers Treatment video.


2.  Read a powerful testimonial from the book, "The Coconut Oil Miracle", by Dr. Bruce Fife.

Dr. Bruce Fife, in his book entitled The Coconut Oil Miracle, referenced his experience with a heart disease patient who had been told that she had 5 years to live. Dr. Fife began giving this patient 4 tablespoons of coconut oil a day to treat her arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). The very first day she reported that her arrhythmia had decreased by 50%. She continues to take coconut oil to this day.

3. See the Powerful ways this little bottle of coconut oil may help you in your every-day life. List courtesy of Green Med info.

  • Fat-burning: Ironic, isn't it? A saturated fat which can accelerate the loss of midsection fat (the most dangerous kind). Well, there are now two solid, human studies showing just two tablespoons a day (30 ml), in both men and women, is capable of  reducing belly fat within 1-3 months.

  • Brain-Boosting: A now famous study, published in 2006 in the journal Neurobiology of Aging, showed that the administration of medium chain triglycerides (most plentifully found in coconut oil) in 20 subjects with Alzheimer's disease or mild cognitive impairment, resulted in significant increases in ketone bodies (within only 90 minutes after treatment) associated with measurable cognitive improvement in those with less severe cognitive dysfunction.(I)

  • Clearing Head Lice: When combined with anise spray, coconut oil was found to be superior to the insecticide permethrin (.43%).(II)

  • Healing WoundsCoconut has been used for wound healing, since time immemorial.  Three of the identified mechanisms behind these healing effects are its ability to accelerate re-epithelialization, improve antioxidant enzyme activity, and stimulate higher collagen cross-linking within the tissue being repaired.(III)  Coconut oil has even been shown to work synergistically with traditional treatments, such as silver sulphadizine, to speed burn wound recovery.(IV)

  • NSAID Alternative: Coconut oil has been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and fever-reducing properties.(V)

  • Anti-Ulcer Activity: Interestingly, coconut milk (which includes coconut oil components), has been shown to be as effective as the conventional drug sucralfate as an NSAID-associated anti-ulcer agent.(VI)

  • Anti-Fungal: In 2004, 52 isolates of Candida species were exposed to coconut oil. The most notorious form, Candida albicans, was found to have the highest susceptibility. Researchers remarked: "Coconut oil should be used in the treatment of fungal infections in view of emerging drug-resistant Candida species."(VII)

  • Testosterone-Booster: Coconut oil was found to reduce oxidative stress in the testes of rats, resulting in significantly higher levels of testosterone.(VIII)

  • Reducing Swollen Prostate: Coconut oil has been found to reduce testosterone-induced benign prostate growth in rats.(IX)

  • Improving Blood Lipids: Coconut oil consistently  improves the LDL:HDL ratio in the blood of those who consume it.  Given this effect, coconut oil can nolonger be dismissed for being 'that saturated fat which clogs the arteries.'

  • Fat-Soluble Nutrient Absorption: Coconut oil was recently found to be superior to safflower oil in enhancing tomato carotenoid absorption.(X)

  • Bone Health: Coconut oil has been shown to reduce oxidative stress within the bone, which may prevent structural damage in osteoporotic bone.(XI)[Note: Osteoporosis is a myth, as presently defined by the T-Score]

For more info, please visit, Green Med Info.

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