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Should You Get the Flu Vaccine?

Posted by Dr. Mark McClure on Wed, Oct 30, 2013

Mark McClure DDS


The flu season is here and the flu vaccine will soon be all over the media marketing to everyone to get your flu vaccine. Your doctor, the neighborhood pharmacist, the school nurse and others will be armed with needles and flu vaccines eager to inject. The pressure to get the flu vaccine at home and work places will be great. For the elderly, it may be put as potentially life and death. But what are the facts and what can you do to prevent or minimize the flu symptoms naturally?

Our experience is the flu shot is not harmless. For some of our patients, their chronic health problems started with a simple flu shot. There are two issues involved:

  1. Do I want to get vaccinated?
  2. What can I do to prevent or mitigate the flu if I get sick?

Educate Yourself and Make an Informed Decision on Vaccination

Informed Consent: Getting vaccinated requires injection of Thimerisol- (ethyl mercury), aluminum - Al(CHO3),  formaldehyde and other toxins. Even Thimerisol-free vaccines have some ethyl mercury which is below the limits in which they are required to report it. The synergy with methyl mercury and aluminum has been shown in the lab to kill 100% of brain cells in vitro. The National Vaccination Information Center ( has information to help with informed decisions as well as the NIHA web site vaccine information.

The Flu Shot – The infographic A Shot in the Dark created by North Star Nutritionals summarizes a meta-analysis of 31 studies spanning 44 years and reports that the flu vaccine stopped influenza in only 1.5 out of every 100 adults. Your chances of getting the flu are 2.7 out of 100 adults.

Natural Remedies for Flu and Virus

How to naturally prevent the flu or reduce the symptoms to mild if you get sick is contained in our popular and recently updated paper,  “Holistic Virus and Flu Prevention and Treatment”. In short, Vitamin A from fish oils, Vitamin D and  Vitamin K forms the basis of the prevention and treatment. This paper as a reference is a must for it contains all our proven remedies for virus. The most important take home is to do the Vitamin A, D and K prevention, and have the other remedies at home for immediate use when the flu strikes, or when you get contact with someone at work or home that gets sick. Remember, a good immune system is your best prevention – so make sure you are doing healthy living at home.

Have a Plan

Be prepared! Plan a strategy and have products on hand in case you need them. Get your vitamin D levels checked now and make sure your level is optimized, which will help your immune system. Take care of yourself as the seasons change: a healthy diet, moderate exercise, good quality sleep and hand washing go a long way towards flu prevention. The World Wellness Store has products and supplements for flu prevention and treatment. 


Dr.McClure_dentistMark McClure DDS, FACG, is a biological dentist with a mercury-free,  holistic family dentistry practice at National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA, one of the largest integrative medicine and dental centers on the East coast. Biological dentists consider the impact of dentistry on the whole body and use biocompatible dental materials and techniques that work in conjunction with the body, encouraging it to heal. 

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