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Ask these 8 Questions Before You Vaccinate

Posted by admin on Tue, Feb 18, 2014


Recently there was quite an uproar over a TV show done by Katie Couric on children who experienced negative reactions after receiving the HPV vaccine. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus spread by sexual contact. The recommendation by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is that girls be vaccinated for HPV at age 11 or 12 for cancer prevention, and recently extended the recommendation to boys of the same age. Sharing their stories on the Katie Couric show were two mothers who reported adverse reactions after their daughters had been vaccinated for HPV with Gardasil. One child was unable to get out of bed for years, and sadly, the other child died.

While vaccination reactions may be rare, the fact is, many pharmaceuticals carry risk and these risks can be greater for some children than others.

These 8 questions from National Vaccine Information Center are designed to help a parent make a fully informed decision on vaccination.  Use this list to discuss any concerns with your doctor and make the best informed decision for your child.


        1. Am I or my child sick right now?
        2. Have I or my child had a bad reaction to a vaccination before?
        3. Do I or my child have a personal or family history of vaccine reactions, neurological disorders, severe allergies or immune system problems?
        4. Do I know the disease and vaccine risks for myself or my child?
        5. Do I have full information about the vaccine’s side effects?
        6. Do I know how to identify and report a vaccine reaction?
        7. Do I know I need to keep a written record, including the vaccine manufacturer’s name and lot number, for all vaccinations?
        8. Do I know I have the right to make an informed choice?

Please see the National Vaccine Information Center website for up-to-date information on vaccinations and discuss the benefits and risks of vaccines with your doctor.

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