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Natural Remedies for Common Ailments

Posted by Autumn Frandsen ND on Tue, Oct 22, 2013

Autumn Frandsen ND


Natural, Effective Solutions

Many people are looking for healthier options to common problems that may be as as effective as pharmaceuticals but not have side effects, and may resolve the underlying cause of the health challenge.

The following natural remedies are what I use in my naturopathic practice at National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA) with great success. While these are generally very safe in small dosages, as with any herbal or homeopathic or medication you should first consult your naturopathic physician before using these recommendations.

While natural medicine’s efficacy lends itself to both the expertise of the doctor and the commitment of the patient to take care of themselves, many natural remedies are quite effective in time of acute need.

Natural Options for Common Ailments

Anxiety:    2-3 drops of Lavender essential oil applied topically to the outside of the nostrils or under the ears.
1 cup of Chamomile tea several times in a day.
Rescue Remedy is effective for those who have moments of anxiety.

Allergies:    3 pellets of Natrum muriaticum 6c homeopathic every 30 minutes until symptoms improve.
N acetyl cysteine (NAC)  or Quercitin:  1200 mg up to twice per day for those seasonal allergies.

Common Cold or Flu:   Cold wet sock therapy before bed: put a pair of socks in ice cold water and wring them out before putting them on and going to bed.  This pulls out head congestion and awakens your body’s healing power.
Garlic, ginger and honey tea boiled before drinking every hour.

(for more on ginger read Ginger: Potent, Pungent and Powerful)

At the onset of a cold or general malaise take up to 5000  mg Vitamin C , Echinacea, Goldenseal , or the herbal formulation Gan Mao Ling. I have my favorite products but for the sake of non-bias I will not list any of them in particular. Zinc is an important part of the immune system  that can be taken to prevent colds and strengthen the immune system in general.  I know some people who poke a whole in a fresh onion and drink the juice with a straw at the onset of a cold, but that’s too rich for my blood. If you can do it, it’s very helpful.

Upset Stomach:    Ginger or Slippery elm tea boiled for 10 minutes
Few drops of peppermint oil on the abdomen or several drops by mouth.
Activated Charcoal helps bind in the gut toxins, microbes and loose stool that are causing the illness. Homeopathic Lycopodium benefits some as does bitters taken orally. For heartburn emergencies you can put a teaspoon of baking soda in water and drink it. That’s only if you don’t have DGL or any other options because the stomach is supposed to be acidic to digest your food.

Headaches:    Butterbur, feverfew and passionflower are herbs helpful in the treatment of headaches.  White willow extract, the raw product in aspirin is also good for headaches.
Massage works for tension headaches.   The homeopathic Nat mur 200c:  3 pellets as needed in addition.

Insomnia:   Begin with a massage of essential oils (20 drops of lavender, orange or clary sage) in olive oil or sesame oil on the scalp, face, back and arms.  Follow with a warm bath with the oils in the water.
The following herbs will induce sleep:  chamomile, lemon balm, valerian or passionflower.   200mg of Kava Kava just before bedtime.   Also the homeopathics of coffee (coffea) work well as do nux vomica or arsenicum.   Magnesium supplement in a dark room will also induce sleep.

Constipation:   Aloe Vera Juice in the AM
Laxatives of psyllium and flaxseeds with lots of water usually resolve constipation.
Eat high fiber foods like grains, fruits and vegetables while avoiding processed foods and meats.

Diarrhea:   Person needs to avoid dehydration.
Carob powder in warm water while avoiding milk, alcohol and caffeine.
Eat cooked rice, applesauce and other cooked grains.

Fever:   Responds to lots of liquids, cool compress on forehead and on navel.
Tea with coriander, cinnamon, ginger and the herb goldenseal will break most fevers.
2 homeopathics that are quite good for fever are Belladonna and Aconite.

The use of natural products with a high level of efficacy and without side effects should be available to resolve these problems which occur regularly.


Dr.Frandsen_naturopathDr. Autumn Frandsen N.D. is a Naturopathic Physician at National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA, serving Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia. As a naturopath, her philosophy is to use the least invasive and effective method to bring balance back to the body and restore health, while educating the patient on how to maintain it. Her areas of focus include Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities, Anti-Aging, Dermatology, Heavy Metal Detoxification, Hepatic Dysfunction, Immune Dysfunction, Insomnia.

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