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GMO's and Your Right to Know

Posted by Dr. Mark McClure on Wed, Oct 16, 2013

Mark McClure DDS

Enclosed is important and timely information about GMO foods (Genetically Modified Organisms). Many of us are very aware of the dangerous health consequences of GMO’s but unfortunately most Americans are not. It is that ignorance that permits the “food and agriculture industry” to keep US citizens in the dark. The problem is just trying to find out if and/or which foods we may be eating have been “Genetically Modified”.  It does make a huge difference.  It is time to be fully informed and activated.

Health Issues and GMO LabelingGMOs

Here is some information about this GMO issue and the important vote being held in Washington State, which if passed can go a long way in demanding proper enforcing of labeling regulations.


  1. The article, “Toxicology Expert Speaks Out About Roundup and GMOs” on documents the dangers of GMO and what has to be done now to stop this. This article summarizes the health issues about Round-up (Glyphosate) and GMO foods.
  2. A visual graph of the growth of the Autism epidemic and the use of glyphosate – it is startling!
    1. Autism was unreported in 1940 and now inflicts over 1 out of 100 of our children. Our country cannot survive with the continued trajectory of this type of health epidemic.
    2. Information about the very important initiative in Washington State – to require GMO foods to be labeled, can be your immediate action step.

    GMOS_autismgraph credit


As more and more concerned citizens become aware of the GMO health risks, increased pressure will be placed on industry and government to do the right thing. At the very least of which is to inform us, which foods are genetically modified. The alteration of the proteins in GMO food, the enhanced amount glyphosate in the “round-up ready” foods has been shown to be very detrimental to humans, farm animals and even the good bacteria that inhabit our bowel.

Knowledge is Power

It is critical to become fully informed about GMO’s.   We highly recommend the book, “Seeds of Deception” by Jeffery Smith. It is very well documented and outlines the evidence of the GMO dangers to our health as well as the ongoing cover up within both industry and the government.

Is our health really under severe attack? Despite our record amounts of health expenditures - we as a nation are getting sicker. This issue is just one of the many that deserve your understanding and attention.

Action steps

1.    Get informed on GMO and its health implications

2.    Support efforts to label foods as GMO


Thank you for your interest and commitment to the health of our community.

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