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Symptoms of Constipation

Posted by admin on Wed, Sep 04, 2013

Part II : Some Symptoms of Constipation

colon_hydrotherapyIn my article last week, The Truth About Constipation, you discovered a new definition for constipation. 

In summary, you discovered if you’re not experiencing a one to one ratio between the meals you’re taking in and the waste that’s coming out, you’re probably constipated. 


Some Symptoms of Constipation

Now, let’s talk about some of the symptoms of constipation.  And, this is an extremely limited representation of the many symptoms you suffer daily as the result of a constipated/toxic colon:

Infrequent bowel movements/hard, painful stools

Back pain


Bloating/distended belly

Excessive gas

Depression/anxiety/brain fog/irritability/insomnia/anger/short tempered

Migraine headaches

Impaired vision

Overweight/problems losing weight


Bad breath/body odor/coated tongue

Skin eruptions

Sinus problems


Achy joints

The Simple Solution to Constipation

Many times you do not make the connection between these symptoms and a constipated/toxic colon.  For the most part, we all look at external, complicated solutions to these common issues.  In fact, many times the solution is as simple as cleaning up your toxic body by dumping your toxic overload and then putting in clean water, healthy, nutrient-dense foods and high quality supplements into your body as your daily nourishment!  

There’s not enough room in a single blog to connect all the dots between constipation and each of the above mentioned symptoms. 

Feel free to call me at (202) 237-7000 and I’d be happy to help you understand these simple connections. 


Be Well and Keep It Moving!



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